BBDC: People want the BlackBerry Storm

This is as close as I got to the Verizon booth before the bearded man in the red shirt gave me flack for snapping a pick of him. Apparently because the device is still in development. I guess he didn’t read BBCool today, heh.

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4 Responses to “BBDC: People want the BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 Bla1ze

    I would have told him I can’t hear you now!! lol

  2. 2 heh

    Don’t feel too bad, he told a BlackBerry photographer the same thing.

  3. 3 simon

    711 wine party? What’s up? Blog away

  4. 4 Caspan

    Ive already used a real one their not that great… stick to the keyboard models. But the feel of the screen clicking is great. People who think they are special and wan to show of then are like psssst don’t tell anyone.

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