Welcome to the new BlackBerry Cool!!

Mmm, can you smell that? It’s my most favorite smell in the world: new car smell. After running up the mileage way past warranty on the old BBCool, it was time to start fresh. While upon first glance the changes may seem entirely aesthetic, the new BlackBerry Cool is much more than a fresh coat of paint. We’ve completely overhauled the site from the ground up to make way for more improvements/cool features to appear in the coming weeks and months.

So please, do us a favor and kick the tires a bit; we’re sure to have missed some things along the way. If you notice any bugz/glitches/browser weirdness, please ping us using our contact form with the heading ‘NEW BBCOOL’. You can also post a comment and let us know what you think - please keep all criticism constructive.

Big shout out to the entire BBCool/Smoke Labs team for making this happen so fast!

15 Responses to “Welcome to the new BlackBerry Cool!!”

  1. 1 Simon

    Lookin’ good, boss! ;)

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool


    Thanks buddy! I really liked you’re redesign over at http://www.intomobile.com as well.

    Let me know if anything isn’t working!

  3. 3 BBWorld Stefano

    Really nice guys!! ;)

  4. 4 avremele

    It takes a lot longer to load on my curve. Otherwise it’s beautiful!

  5. 5 CracKaTooth

    I like the new look BlackBerryCool! Btw, love QuicklyBored.

  6. 6 BlackBerry Cool


    We are working a new mobile version of the site that will load up lickety-split on BlackBerrys like your Curve and other mobile-type devices. Stay tuned!

  7. 7 BlackBerry Sync

    Looks great guys! I love the open fresh look…

  8. 8 LouTreize

    Pure sex boys! Love the new design. LET’S GET THIS MUTHAF***A ROLLIN’!!

  9. 9 FuturDreamz

    Is it possible to select a setting that switches to a layout that’s ore like a standard paper page? Just that I’m kinda picky about that, but that won’t stop me.

  10. 10 Greg

    Kool site but, as stated earlier,does take quite a long time to load.

  11. 11 BlackBerry Cool

    Yeah, we’re working on speed issues. We have a lot more javascript on the site now, so that can be an issue. Expect the site to speed up gradually over the next week as we tweak things.


    Can you be a little more specific? Reading our posts via RSS might help, but I’m not 100% that’s what you’re looking for.

  12. 12 Bla1ze

    With the increase of Java, maybe you all would consider slapping the mobile plugin back into the system, BBCool was OK for loading on a Bold before, now my experiences are even slower.

    I understand, growing pains…just thought I’d mention it.

  13. 13 Today

    I get BlackBerry Cool through Viigo, and within the last few days it started sending most updates multiple times. It’s the only feed that’s doing this, so I think it’s on your end, not Viigo’s.

  14. 14 Bla1ze


    I experienced that with most my feeds this past week/weekend.

  15. 15 BlackBerry Cool


    Please keep me in the know if this continues with Viigo or BBCool in general so we can get to the bottom of it.

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