BlackBerry Curve 8900 hands on video

Our boy Kevin at CrackBerry has made another hands on video of a pre-released BlackBerry, this time of the BlackBerry Curve 8900, formally known as the BlackBerry Javelin. According to Kevin, you can think of the Curve 8900 in two ways: as a 83xx Curve on steroids or a toned-down BlackBerry Bold.

Hmmm, Curve 8900, Bold or BlackBerry Storm? Make sure to ask Kevin when you see him at the BlackBerry Cool 15.

(via CB)

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  1. 1 ChrisL

    Question: I just bought a charging pod for my Curve. Will the 8900 Javilin work in there. Will the charging connectors line up?


  2. 2 Chris w

    What is the release date on this phone i here November but when in november

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