The BlackBerry Storm can do Copy and Paste

While some may see this as a direct “eff yooo” to the boys and girls in Cupertino, I’m sure most BlackBerry users will see it as a basic necessity. That’s right, the BlackBerry Storm can do at least one thing that other touchscreen device can’t — copy and paste.

The Boy Genius has pulled this little snippet describing how copy and paste will work on the BlackBerry Storm from the variety of internal documents he nabbed over the weekend. Simply place to fingers on the screen simultaneously to highlight your section of choice and you’re ready to copy and paste. Simple, easy, and quite silly that Apple hasn’t figured it out (or at the very least made it a priority).

(via BGR)

2 Responses to “The BlackBerry Storm can do Copy and Paste”

  1. 1 DavidB

    Seems intuitive enough, as long as all the text you want to copy fits within the viewable page.

  2. 2 FuturDreamz

    You can adjust the ends of the selection, so you can select more than is seen.

  1. 1 The BlackBerry Storm can do Copy and Paste | Smartphone User Guide

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