BlackBerry Storm, Pearl Flip, Rogers Plans and Parties (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast

After a few setbacks and delays (damn you, CTIA), the BlackBerry Cool Podcast is back! It’s also our 40th podcast, which is some sort of milestone, I guess, and a good place to implement changes. We’ve fiddled with the format a little, added some music and a new weekly podcast guest: Fake Ted Rogers. The BlackBerry Cool Podcast will also now be released on Mondays (apologies to all those who enjoy listening to podcasts while raking leaves on the weekend).

This week’s podcast is a bit of a catchup, as we discuss the major news of the past month: the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 and BlackBerry Storm, and Rogers new BES/BIS plans and BlackBerry Bold price drop. Coincidentally, we also discuss why RIM will never make a BlackBerry app store. Whoops. In fairness, the BlackBerry Application Center is the perfect compromise between what we said RIM needs and what they would never do, so give us partial credit. We also attempted to talk about RIM’s stock and the economy, but cut it because we had nothing significant to contribute on either subject.

Downloading/streaming options for the BlackBerry Cool Podcast can be found after the jump, as well as links to all the relevant news stories. Enjoy!

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Talking with (Fake) Ted Rogers

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Party shots
Rogers BlackBerry Bold drops to $299 October 1st
New Rogers BES plans coming October 1st
New Rogers BIS plans coming October 1st
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BlackBerry Cool Editorials

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BlackBerry Cool News

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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 lands first on TIM
OS 4.5 now available for Bell BlackBerry 8330 (BlackBerry Bytes)
OS 4.5 now available for Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8310/8320 (BlackBerry Bytes)
WorldMate Live celebrates 1 year anniversary with facelift and special promotion

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6 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm, Pearl Flip, Rogers Plans and Parties (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)”

  1. 1 Simon

    Dude, this fifth dimension is totally sweet.

    Also, the twangy bass is way too loud when you overlay it with talk. The snappy news bit with the quick punchlines is a nice touch.

    Keep it up. :)

  2. 2 Sean

    when are you going to add this to the podcast rss feed?

  3. 3 Julia

    Hi woud like to finde a plan or the blackberrie pearl but you see everytime I finde a plan it just talks aboout the minutes and I would like to see what they have for unlimited texting because if I had that I wouldnt even use the calling I would just text unless there was an emergancy but ya i would like to see what you have for that thank you for your time.

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  3. 3 Closed Vlingo Beta running for the BlackBerry Nation! at

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