Confirmed: BlackBerry Storm coming to Rogers before Christmas!

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Sometimes news can come from the craziest sources: internal leaks, html sniffing, etc. Sometimes all it takes is a direct phone call! After friend of the site RogersDude69 tipped us off that Rogers had given callcenter employees a specific script to read when customers ask about touch screen BlackBerrys (i.e., the BlackBerry Storm), we just had to call ourselves and see what was up.

The audio below confirms that Rogers will carry the BlackBerry Storm 9500, and that we’ll see it before Christmas (hopefully in November)! Apologies to the extremely helpful customer service rep who was the subject of my ruse.

Click to listen!

So that’s Verizon, Telus, Bell and Rogers in North America. Where are Sprint and AT&T?

  • Francis Bruce
    Hi Guys,

    Local rogers employee here. FYI, we will not be carrying the Storm. It was announced that Rogers has decided not to have the phone @ this time and only bell and telus will be the storm carriers, sorry for the mis info you got from the rep, we were originally expecting it and than they decided not to have it.
  • bad news friends! Looks like we jumped the gun and spoke too soon!
  • Kyle
    Holy link backs BlackBerry Man.
  • theOutsider
    I'll repeat my comments from BGR:

    Thisproves dick. You (Douglas) from BBCool calls in, gets some CSR on the phone during a random call to customer care and it’s confirmed?


    Call Sprint, TMO or AT&T, and you have a 50% of getting a dumbass CSR who thinks they are getting it (the Storm) by Christmas too.

    Nice job though doing some "viral marketing" for your site so that you get all these ping-backs and visitors.
  • Rho
    ummm epic no...Storm has NO North American HSDPA bands and it has NO wifi, as such I highly doubt it will be going to fact I confirm it from a RIM insider
  • Bla1ze

    Sounds about right, Yup!
  • Roman411
    Where's AT&T? With their heads buried up Job's Apple.
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