Potential Bell and Solo Mobile Q4 lineup emerges - Storm included

Bell BlackBerry Storm

The Boy Genius has gathered some more information from the swirling abyss whence all rumors spring forth, this time for Bell and Solo Mobile’s Q4 BlackBerry lineup. While top billing has to go to the BlackBerry Storm, on which BGR has tagged a November 21st release date, Solo Mobile subscribers should be happy a white BlackBerry Pearl 8130 arrive in their stockings as well.

You can see the full (rumored) device list after the jump, as well as some new Solo Mobile BlackBerry data plans.

|via BGR|

Bell Handsets

* BlackBerry Storm launches on November 21st.
* HTC Diamond in early November. Includes 200 songs on 4GB internal memory.
* HTC Touch Pro will launch in early December
* LG Reveal in early November. Includes “Shimmer Kit” consisting of a case and crystal covered Bluetooth headset by Swarovski.
* LG Voyager in mid-November. Includes is 350 songs on a pre-loaded 2GB microSD card.
* Samsung Cleo in early November
* Sanyo Pro 200 in late November
* Sanyo Pro 700 in late November

Bell Monthly Plans

* Introduction of monthly roll-over minutes
* Uber plans now include evenings and weekends starting at 5pm
* $15 per month for unlimited SMS and voicemail
* Option to buy $30 data plan without voice plan

Solo Mobile Devices

* BlackBerry Pearl 8130 in White
* Samsung Cleo

Solo Mobile Plans

* $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $70 plans netting 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350, 750 per-second minutes respectively
* Unlimited SMS on all voice plans $25 and up

Solo Mobile BlackBerry Plans

* $45: 150 minutes, unlimited calls after 7pm, unlimited data
* $15: 2mb of browsing, unlimited email
* $30: unlimited data

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