RIM Talks BlackBerry Storm Development

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One of the true pleasures of being at the BlackBerry Developer Conference was the opportunity to finally meet RIM’s Developer Support Guru, Mike Kirkup. Mike is a great guy and one of the heroes that helped to make the BlackBerry Cool 15 possible. He’s also the man behind the Open Mike section of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter, which has a special focus this month on BlackBerry Storm development. In addition to the BlackBerry Storm simulator video, the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter has Mike talking about ‘Compatibility Mode’ and Storm events at the BBDC, and links to a number of useful support documents about Storm development. Check them out below:

Open Mike with Mike Kirkup
BlackBerry Java Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) v4.7 including BlackBerry Storm Simulator
BlackBerry Storm Simulator
BlackBerry Storm Gestures Document
BlackBerry Storm Shortcut Bar Document
BlackBerry Storm Development Guide

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  • Liz Huber
    I am trying to find Dimensional Drawings for BlackBerry Phones. Our Company makes cell phone cases, and we need the specifications on the outside dimensions. Does anyone know where to find these?
  • Debra Maurer
    are you all aware of the "word" going around about the Storm's lack of wifi? Are you going to revise and ad it? There are a lot of people who would like this phone, but that's the deal breaker.
    go here:
    These people are pretty passionate about it. I hope you will reconsider and add it to the phone
  • Rick Segal
    I agree with you. Mike Kirkup is outstanding. I'm glad I am not running developer relations with a competitor as he'd be a tough challenge.

    You did a great job at the conference!
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