Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i pricing revealed, it’s dirt cheap

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A member of the BlackBerry Nation close to Sprint has sent us the pricing for the nascent BlackBerry Curve 8350i. The BlackBerry Curve 8350i is RIM’s first iDEN BlackBerry in recent memory, and comes with Wi-Fi and push-to-talk capability. Our friend tells us that the soon to be released BlackBerry will be priced at $479.99 straight up and $249.99 with a 2 year contract BEFORE a $100 mail-in rebate, leaving you with a dirt-cheap $150 iDEN BlackBerry when all is said and done.

The pricing hasn’t been placed on Sprint’s 8350i sign up page yet, but we’d expect more ‘official’ release information soon.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

  • Great news guys, it's official:


    Merry Christmas!
  • D
    Is the date really 12/15?
  • Damon
    Does anyone have a real release date? If so I hope that they made a shhh load of them.... I cant wait anymore....
  • michelle leigh
    ugh! this is making me sick! my 7100i has been down for a couple weekd since it died in a car accident! i am PRAYING this release is ACTUALLY 12/15
    phoneless=lost in the world!!
  • doctor frankenstein
    Tims correct, December 15th is the new date.
  • Tim
    National Accounts rep reports that release date is now pushed back to 12/15.

  • Why the delays??
    I'm trying to figure out why Sprint has dropped the ball on this one. They've been hyping the device since 9-11-08...but NO RELEASE DATE and NO PRICING until now???
    How are they gonna sell it when they tell everyone its coming out on 5 different dates...then they push the damn thing back until FRIGGIN DECEMBER???
  • Rob
    Opps sorry Available Online Only
  • Rob
    My good friend at sprint corp says Dec 1st but Available Online.
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