Telus and Bell launching GSM service in 2010

Bell and Telus

Big news for Canadians came out last week regarding their choice of wireless carriers, as it seems that within a few years, Canada will be a fully GSM country. Both Bell and Telus have announced their intention of launching HSPA GSM service by 2010, with the intention of moving towards an eventual 4G LTE network. Both Bell and Telus plan to layer the upcoming HSPA networks over their CDMA networks, in the hope that the transition to GSM technology will be as painless as possible for their customers.

“Bell’s transition to the global 4G LTE standard with a combined EV-DO and HSPA network path aligns us with more than 30 major carriers worldwide planning a similar move to LTE,” said Stephen Howe, CTO for Bell. “This broad global technology ecosystem will mean a fast, efficient and cost-effective network transition to 4G LTE, and access to the broadest possible range of next-generation phones and data services.”

Bell and Telus’ shift to GSM will likely bring about a major shake up in the Canadian wireless market. With all three carriers having access to the latest and greatest devices, consumers should benefit from the resulting price point war over voice and data services. Post a comment and let us know if you think an all-GSM Canada is a win-win for consumers and carriers not named Rogers.

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  1. 1 Turtle

    just to clarify, they will be launching HSPA which is the next generation platform for GSM based carriers. They are not launching GSM. HSPA is based on W-CDMA technology, it is entirely different from GSM. So what this means is that handsets will be HSPA handsets, not GSM.

  2. 2 Turtle

    Also just wanted to add that this launch is not for a GSM network that has backward compatibility for EDGE and GPRS handsets, it is strictly HSPA. So only 3G HSPA handsets will work on this network overlay. The core networks will still be EVDO , so what this means is that consumers will have a choice between 2 3G platforms, EVDO or HSPA. Much better than what Rogers is able to offer considering that their HSPA network is not even rolled out in all markets nationally. Bell and Telus will have the most superior network and coverage in Canada by far.

  3. 3 John

    A few words for Rogers “Now it’s time for you to get screwed”

  4. 4 Ian Jackman

    Hi Guys,

    I think this is great news and would only increase our leading
    edge technology status in North America.

  5. 5 jarre

    There should be more competitor allow in GSM area to kill Telus and Bell SAPA format. Unlike GSM, HSPA handsets from Telus and Bell will remain unlockable chip within. That mean, of your phone busted within contract period, you’ve on your own. In the event you want to change phone, your phone will become junk, because hardly anyone will buy it from you. That creates lots of extra electronic junks, environmental concern is a waste. About coverage, although there will become 4G lite, but the true bands will be 900 and 1800 on top of the existing bands.
    It’ll remain a problem in door with thick concrete basement, continue drop calls and weak signal problems. I think CFTC should allow more providers into business easily in GSM area, so Rogers will encounter real threat and provide more flexible plans and improve customer services.

  6. 6 Peter

    Good news. It’s time to screw Rogers. Let the price war begins! Rogers is way over-charged customers with ridiculous charges!!! Canadian is paying the most expensive cellular phone bills comparing to most other countries. Rogers is ripping people off like crazy!!!

  7. 7 Mark

    I really hope Rogers… Take a giant foot to the A$$ worst customer service and they are owning the market.They throttle there internet and they over charge there customers and i really hope someone buys them out are takes over canada or at least offers another internet service and phone service rogers blows

  8. 8 IanJ

    This is great news for us consumers who would like another choice and the resulting lower prices brought about by competition. I am anxiously awaiting the launch.

  9. 9 Dylan

    does this new “HSPA” also requaire phones with Sim cards?? or the same sim less and unlockable phones Bell and telus have? Canadian companies Bell,Roger (robbers) are the most expensive and worst in the world. 3 years contracts and over priced plans to a point that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world I simply believe the government’s hand is in it they pay them probably at the end the poor consumer gets ripped off hugely. non of they give a damn about the customer one bit. after they force to a contract they treat you like a slave. any complaints you have won’t go anywhere. Bell is worst than rogers (robbers) and rogers is worst than them. as mentioned Bell charges some crazy unheard of prices then they lock you up for 3 F@$&ing years with a phone useless phone that cannot be used anywhere with a huge cost. there is so much to say about these criminals it doesn’t have an end. just forget it i’m sure its going to be the same crap higher prices more roles against the consumer. I’ve traveled around the world I’ve never seen anything like Canadian cell companies its just crazy. i’m not optimistic about it at all

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