Vlingo 2.0 launches today

Following up quickly on their open beta last week, the fine folks at Vlingo have officially announced the release of Vlingo 2.0. Vlingo is a free and popular voice-powered application allowing users to take control of their BlackBerry without adding strain to their precious thumbs.

“We launched vlingo 1.0 for BlackBerry smartphones in June, and consumer adoption has exceeded our aggressive benchmarks,” said Dave Grannan, CEO of vlingo. “Our users have spoken more than three million times to our application, including over one million times to compose text messages with the power of their voices. This is validation of our unique approach to voice recognition, which hinges on making mobile data and applications easier to find and use. It provides clear evidence of the growing need to simplify the mobile phone user experience.”

New Vlingo 2.0 features include Facebook and Twitter status updates, full message read-back, and SureType support. You can find the full updated feature list after the jump, as well as download links for North American and UK users.

The new version of vlingo includes the following additions:
· Voice updates to Facebook & Twitter status updates
· Full keyboard support including SureType
· Read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken
· Tell A Friend about vlingo

The ability to launch built-in programs:
o Address Book
o Alarm
o BrickBreaker
o Calculator
o Calendar
o Camera
o Maps
o Media
o MemoPad
o Messages
o Options
o Tasks
o Web browser

The ability to launch third party programs:
o Facebook
o Google Maps
o Opera
o Viigo

Vlingo 2.0 download links:
US & Canada - http://www.vlingo.com/v2
United Kingdom - http://www.vlingo.com

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