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Our boy Ronen from BerryReview noticed today that RIM has already put into motion the third party web signals push service announced this week at BBDC on mobile.blackberry.com. Here’s a list of the first six news/information offerings available:

NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier - Learn about news & analysis as it happens with NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier. With news & analysis on the tech industry through the day from NY Times writers & freelancers.
Accuweather.com- Get free constantly updated forecasts pushed to your BlackBerry smartphone. View radar, 10-day & hourly forecasts & severe weather alerts.
Reuters News Web Signals - Get breaking news with Reuters Web Signals on your BlackBerry smartphone. As news breaks, the Reuters icon changes & sends you to the story.
FOX News Alert - Be the first to know when news breaks. Download FOX News Alert & get instant alerts to breaking news directly on your BlackBerry Smartphone.
CBC - Receive the day’s top headlines and breaking news with the innovative CBC web signal for BlackBerry smartphones
Thumbplay Web Signal - Get content releases from Thumbplay. The Thumbplay icon sends you to BlackBerry compatible content like music, ringtones, games, videos & more.

Head to mobile.blackberry.com on your BlackBerry Browser to download your web signals service of choice.

(via BerryReview)

  • John
    Here here... crappy development efforts and I guess that person was on it's way out
  • theOutsider
    WTF..it puts an icon on your homescreen, and whenever news does get updated, it puts a star over the icon, but when you click on it, you have to wait for the webpage to open? That’s retarded.

    At least if I sign up for email alerts from these sites that are listed (and those that are not, such as CNN or ESPN), an email comes to me with a preview of what the “breaking news” is and gives a short description of it, then i have the ability to click the link to visit the webpage.

    Whoever came up with the idea for these in their current state (if this is all they really plan to do with the applications) needs to be fired and their position at RIM given to me.
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