‘What would you change about BlackBerrys?’ (Weekly Contest)

Boy has it been a trying time for the BlackBerry Nation. The economy is in the tank, the BlackBerry Bold has yet to arrive on AT&T and one of our most intensely debated Weekly Contests came when we asked if RIM was going to be okay. We need some fun!

Earlier in the week, you guys tore Gary Krakow a new one over a complaint about BlackBerrys that was easily corrected. However, I liked his style - he had an issue and he vented in the hopes of solving the problem. I think we need to get it all out, all those nagging issues that don’t stop us from loving our BlackBerrys, but maybe cause us to curse the smartphone gods every once in awhile. Issues like a BlackBerry Bold price drop six weeks after launch, or the inability to get OS updates for your BlackBerry. Perhaps you have a long-running hardware concern, or maybe you’re just tired of seeing unreleased BlackBerry teaser videos before you can get the Bold on AT&T.

Whatever the reason, post your most inspiring argument in the comments section about how you could make BlackBerrys even better with just a few minor tweaks. Maybe the smartphone gods will answer our prayers!

The two posters that come up with the best BlackBerry fix will win a FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO WORLDMATE LIVE‘S GOLD SERVICE!

‘Is RIM Okay?’ Weekly Contest Winner

Last week saw our cup overrunneth with insightful comments, so this was a very hard call. But in the end, it was MobileAdmin who displayed a keen analysis multiple times over! Enjoy your Bluetooth Stereo Gateway!

We’re also going to give out a bonus prize for David R., whose demand that the “RIM fanboys” explain their position provided a useful foil for the debate. Enjoy a free game from Bplay, David!

35 Responses to “‘What would you change about BlackBerrys?’ (Weekly Contest)”

  1. 1 Chris B

    1. No HTML e-mail. Why does my BB insist on showing me all the image links in my e-mail, making it impossible to read the message? If not full HTML support, at least just put and not the whole 8-line URL for every link. This should have been fixed a loooooooooong time ago.

  2. 2 JEF

    1. RIM holds back features to placate the carriers. (ie. locked down GPS on Verizon BB, no MMS on 8800’s, handsets locked to one carrier, unreleased OS upgrades)

    2. Bad media player support. It doesn’t hold your place in podcasts. Itunes sync feature is flaky at best and was released 3 years after it should have been.

    3. 2.5mm headphone jack on 8800. This one makes zero sense to me. (See point #1 for likely cause).

    4. OS still leaks memory. Why hasn’t this been fixed?

    5. Device is underpowered which severely limits developers.

    6. SDK is also flaky which severely limits developers.

    7. My PIN number is linked to the phone and not the account. I need to tell everyone my new pin whenever I get a new BB.

    8. No app store.

    9. Mobile browser is slow and buggy.

    10. 64 MB of internal memory on my 8800. Seriously?

  3. 3 CBoogie

    By far the most egregious oversite on RIM’s part is that awful web browser. You need the browser for OTA installs so you have to have it but let’s get with the times and fix the javascript issues, get FLASH, Silverlight, AJAX, tabbed browsing, streaming video, etc. Other than email, mobile web is the most used function on my BB.

  4. 4 Gavin

    1. Trackball dirt and flaky.
    2. Don’t like the browser.
    3. With the new 4.5 OS you can store birthdays for your contacts. If you add it via BB it puts it in the calendar. If you sync them it does not. The one feature I loved on my WM phone was the birthday reminder. However somebody will probably write something to read the birthdays and notify you.

  5. 5 Bla1ze

    My complaints are not based on BlackBerry devices, my complaints are based on RIM themselves, devices are not really a concern for me, my Bold works..beautifully at this point…

    But why does my Bold work beautifully?…

    Because I have installed on “non” officially released OS…here is where the problems begin, RIM is too closed with their stuff…from OS’es to CDK’s for the end users.

    Rogers launched the Bold with OS .125 loaded onto it, a OS…a crappy OS clearly NOT ready to be unleashed to the public and since then their have been many revisions to the OS, but were any of them “officially” posted for users to upgrade their buggy devices to…absolutely not, their are people out there now suffering through a buggy OS and possibly blaming the device, Rogers and anything else they can come up with based on the OS installed..where as if RIM made even any of the revisions available to those people, carriers such as Rogers could be reccomending these updates to end users and the overall experiences with these devices could be better (I have heard of Rogers reccomending OS upgrades other then what is offered on the site though).

    Then we have, CDK’s…good point to bring up considering developers conference, again another case of certain things being available to people, when other parts are not fully completed, the Bold has launched in probably by this time OVER 31 countries, do the developers have a CDK to create stuff for the Bolds that are out there, Nope…”offically” users are able to download 4.5 CDK and the CDK which is available (4.6) is not official and definetly does not work right…but Magmic has access to the official kit? Clearly Magmic and RIM are buddy buddy, which I understand and can appreciate, they are both businesses after all and we all know the point of a business is to make money, but seriously…I’m hoping the developer conference will correct some of these issues and open a few things up well beyond my scope, if their are these types of issues with just a CDK..and from what I have read/know (ie Neils posts at devberry) of the current developer options..RIM needs a major overhaul here.

    Open things up, when launching new devices and options make sure OTHER components are in place to support these devices and options, I liken the current RIM situation to having Kool aid..but no sugar to mix with it :P

  6. 6 Carl

    We need flash and a better browser…and better OS update…maybe OS 5 will better>

  7. 7 Josh

    (1) No true IMAP client. Pushing messages through RIM’s server and push IMAP reconciliation are not the same thing.

    (2) No HTML Email.

    (3) Poor web experience. Bad browser and slow, even over EVDO.

  8. 8 Anthony

    Memory loss

  9. 9 Andrew

    Crap browser (and I mean crap) and suretype ver.1 on my Pearl is awful.

  10. 10 David R.

    Hats off to BlackBerry Cool for creating a “dump on BlackBerry” forum here. A little concentrated venting here is healthy may serve to keep comments on subsequent news postings more on track with their topics at hand.

    I’ve posted many rants in recent weeks after staying silent for well over a year, and most are more than valid despite some pent-up frustration that may have spilled over form me in my comments.

    By far, however, my biggest disappointment has been my loss in confidence in RIM’s leadership. Yes, it’s still tops in smartphone marketshare right now. But I’m talking strategy and execution — the results of which we’ll see much more clearly in the next two years.

    First, there was RIM’s initial denial of the iPhone as a game-changer in the consumer smartphone market. The iPhone was certainly no direct competition to the BlackBerry when it came out last year. But it did change the game in the mind of consumers — the very market RIM sees as vital to its growth right now.

    Second, there are these too-little, too-late devices: the Bold, Storm, Javelin Curve and Pearl Flip.

    I can skip the “too late” argument — we’re all dying on the vine waiting for the new BlackBerries, which always seem to be just a few weeks away — and get to the “too little” argument.

    BOLD —- By far the best device RIM has ever made and my favorite of the new batch. Best of all, it’s aimed at RIM’s core enterprise market and truly bolsters the brand with its superior physical keyboard and brilliant eponymous screen. So why is it “too little”? It’s easy to point a finger at AT&T throwing it under the bus for the iPhone in terms of bandwidtch, marketing, etc. Or the current financial meltdown that makes mass migration to the Bold from current far less likely in the weeks ahead. But the reality is that while it’s the best BlackBerry ever, it’s really not enough of game-changer to expect non-BlackBerry masses to adopt. Certainly not the touchscreen crowd in the consumer market, which is where RIM’s growth is.

    STORM —— How ironic that some BB fanboys call the iPhone a “toy” and in the next sentence appear ready to drop their current physical keyboards to pick up the Storm. It’s a transitional device at best, an experiment that RIM has to try out on consumers, I suppose, while Verizon has the incentive to hold onto their own by offering an iPhone alternative. Again, don’t expect users on other carriers to switch to the Verizon Storm over the ATT iPhone. And watch what happens two years from now when Verizon, like ATT, throws the Storm under the bus for the Verizon iPhone, which we can only assume will be superior in feature and form factor two years from now than the iPhone offered on AT&T. Why do think iPhone has only “one” form factor, folks? They’re saving the killer line-up of new devices so every carrier can share the goodies.

    JAVELIN CURVE —— Great camera upgrade and smaller form factor than the Bold. But it falls short in 3G, which is admittedly not a big deal for true Curve fans, and comes off as more of a hardware response to the new OS. Which brings up the major advantage of the iPhone to the BlackBerry line-up: new OS, firmware and software are but a wireless sync away. RIM is trying to remedy this, but the reality is you need a new device to upgrade your BlackBerry experience, and with the new device comes a new contract. What a pain. As a result, the Javelin Curve will not be a “must have” upgrade for many of the Curve’s value-conscious base.

    PEARL FLIP —— Please. Like the Storm, BlackBerry traded away one of its core branding designs — the candy bar — to chase yesterday’s form factor. Only 14 percent of Americans are interested in clamshells these days, and they are a pain to keep in one piece. Look for a lot of returns and problems by the second year of these contracts. Worst of all, these things are bigger than the original Star Trek communicators Kirk used to flip out. How is that going to help with the female demographic that makes up the majority of the Pearl line’s base?

    That sums up my beef: Too little, too late, and spread out over several devices wheen RIM should have come up with “the ultimate BlackBerry experience” in a singular, killer prosumer device that screamed not “Life on BlackBerry” but “The Business of Life. What other device but BlackBerry would you trust?”

    It’s not too late for RIM, but it is too late for me. I have completely switched over to my iPhone for business. Not because I’m an iPhone fanatic. Not because I’m a BlackBerry hater. It’s simply that in the year I’ve been waiting for these too-little, too-late phone, my iPhone now actually has 3G, WiFi, GPS, task and notes management (but no cut-and-paste!) and all the features I used to rely on my BlackBerry for (MMS and video recording were not among them).

    Am I ecstatic about being an iPhone user now? No. Otherwise, I would not have spent my time saying my piece here. I care about BlackBerry and believe its tightly integrated basic functions are still the best. But now they are being matched in way that is enough for me with my iPhone, which also offers things RIM cannot or will not.

    But like I did when I dumped my RIM stock at $148 when I knew something was wrong and posted warnings on some board (thought I had no idea the Wall Street meltdown would amplify the fall and hit Apple, too), I don’t comment without putting my money where my mouth is.

    So today, before posting this, I cancelled my account with my BlackBerry’s wireless carrier. I am a BlackBerry user no more. As a result, I can no longer post comments about RIM or BlackBerry with integrity. So this is my last comment.

    BlackBerry. R.I.P.

  11. 11 fizz

    hate the fact that they come out with GSM versions first and only and have to wait up to a year for CDMA versions to come out.

  12. 12 Andrew B

    Memory leaks make me upset from time to time.

    But I am posting because I want to know if that picture at the top of the BlackBerry stress thingy is fake.

    Do they exist? Where can I get one?

  13. 13 captainbdsc

    No Vibe and Ring at the same time.
    If my blackberry is on the other side of the house and it is set to Vibe+Ring by the time I hear ringing it will be too late to answer.

    Vibrate is weak.
    If I am in a noisy area, there is little chance I will feel the vibration in my pocket if I don’t hear it ringing.

  14. 14 ryan

    I hate the little things that could make life a lot easier with a BB.

    1) No shortcut keys for most used apps
    2) No vibrate and ring at the same time
    3) No fast way to turn down/up the ring tone volume
    4) Speed dial should be based on several numbers, not just the amount of keys on the device
    5) Notification light doesn’t stay on for longer than 15 minutes
    6) No option for light or sound notifications
    7) No HTML support for browser

    These were some of the basic necessary things I noticed when I switched over from a Motorola phone.

  15. 15 michael

    memory leaks and not much of it to begin with.

  16. 16 z

    RIM’s OS should be open. This would encourage developer interest and improvements to the OS, greater stability and reliability, and opening new avenues for the platform. It’s demonstrable that open or partially-open operating systems flourish — just look at the burgeoning Mac OS and Linux, all gaining market share.

    (My other quibble about it is that it uses Java, but I don’t think that’s easily changed :)

  17. 17 artie

    The Main ones on my Sprint 8130 are the ringer and vibe; they’re worthless. I always carry the device in my pocket with the ringer set as high and the vibrate high also and very seldom hear or feel it. This is suppose to be my business phone. I really miss the ringer and vibrate from my BB 7520. That device would almost jump and my clients kept asking me to turn it down, those were the days.
    Memory leak; what memory.. Browser???? HTML,

  18. 18 TigerMt.

    I agree with many of the prior comments (browser, memory leaks, etc). But here is my #1 complaint about Blackberry:

    We should be able to synch Outlook personal folders into the device through (and I’d be fine if it was only available through desktop manager — not OTA).

    Anyone who has utilized this on a Windows Mobile device (and relies on PST folders for managing their work) will understand the value.

  19. 19 Anna P

    1. Address book should have the capability to add additional mobile phone for each contact. Currently we can only add email, custom tune and picture. Many of my contacts have 2 or more mobiles active, but BB’s address book isn’t making it easier. Nokia phones (symbian OS) can even customize the label, e.g. “Mobile New” or “Mobile abcde” or “AT&T” etc. Very helpful if you need to distinguish between carriers/providers.
    2. HTML email enabled or a better email viewer should be included as default.

  20. 20 JerryD

    There are two things I’d change on the BlackBerry.

    The first is the Trackball - and no, I’m not going to flame it the way Krakow did. I’ve just never been as comfortable with it as I was the scroll wheel. I find it too inaccurate - too easy to scroll up or down when I’m trying scroll left or right, and that can become very frustrating when you’re trying to get to a word in the middle of the screen!

    Ergonomically, I do prefer the Trackball to the Scrollwheel - it’s right where you want the navigation control to be. But if it were just engineered differently to somehow be easier to move accurately.

    The second thing is something that I can’t live without, but I am SO TIRED of hearing people complain and whine about it, that I’d LOVE to see fixed. That is, have a separate icon for BES email!

    Personally, I don’t have ANY email icons on my home screen, and I actually like having everything in Messages. All of my email icons are tucked away in a folder called Hidden along with almost all of the native apps (Address Book, Calendar, etc.). Instead, I use Home Screen Shortcut Keys instead! See how here:

  21. 21 Sue H

    The one big item on my “BlackBerry wish list” is to have the ability to load and run applications from my media card. I love my rugged, durable 8830. I hate the thought the I’ll eventually have to consider giving it up simply because I can’t fit all the apps I want on it.

  22. 22 Allan

    Not enough memory. 64MB of built in memory is way too little.

    I have a Blackberry Pearl. And I think it is ridiculous with how cheap memory is that it comes with so little built in memory. I am not talking about place to store my music or pics, which I store on my memory card. I am talking about applications. Why must I delete some to store others. It is not like I have that many installed to begin with.

    You have to keep like 20MB free just to have it run at an acceptable speed. And that is just acceptable not fast. That little hour glass or wait symbol is ridiculous. And yes I remove the battery once every few days to recover from the memory leak. But if it just had a little more memory in there to begin with……

    I personally think this is a great limitation. I am sure the little bit of memory causes alot of other problems, etc.

    If the Storm does not have at least 3-4 times more memory, I might just have to pass on it.

    Thanks for the chance to vent.

  23. 23 Joel W.

    Oh Look the Blackberry Basher is back! Is he going to win another prize?

  24. 24 Jason V.

    One update that I would love to see is the ability to move better through the list of files when trying to attach one to an e-mail or send one through BB Messenger. For example, I like to take pictures with my Curve when I travel. I currently have about 300 pictures on my memory card so when I want to e-mail one to my wife or a friend, I have to manually scroll all the way through the list to find the file I want. T and B work for jumping to the top or bottom, but I will still often have to scroll through 50-100 files before I find what I’m looking for. It would be nice if you could press a letter and it would take you to the first file that begins with that letter.

  25. 25 Erasmo

    I hate only 3 things form my BB

    1. No HTML email support.
    2. Memory leaks, I have to shut it down and take out the battery at least 3 times a week.
    3. 64 Mb of RAM is way to small for today’s requirements

  26. 26 Aaron

    I’d change the plural of BlackBerry to BlackBerrys instead of BlackBerry Devices.

  27. 27 eyecam

    Set Profile Exceptions per profile not overall !!

  28. 28 popepope

    I would like to see a programmable key that could toggle bluetooth on and off so it would be easier when I hop in my car to make or receive a call.

  29. 29 Nan Palmero

    Here’s what I’d love to see from RIM

    1. Great noise isolation from the mic (it was amazing on Sanyo phones)

    2. Dial the last 4 digits of a number and it pulls up a contact

    3. A browser that isn’t embarrassing (please include flash)

    4. Cleanable trackball

    5. EV-DO Rev. A firmware update

    6. Slap Sprint into allowing us MMS support

    7. HTML emails

    8. Better media experience (m.youtube.com videos at 176 x 220 or close - seriously?)

    9. LCD readout from top of the device so you can see who’s calling from the holster

    10. GSM/CDMA matching release dates

    11. Have firefox work with http://www.blackberry.com

    12. Be able to open all BlackBerry attachments with a BlackBerry (ie BB voicenotes and video when sent via email)

    13. Work closer with 3rd party developers to allow them to use keyboard shortcuts in their apps through out (can’t use spacebar, t, b in every part of Viigo)

    14. Add more on-board flash memory,it is cheap!

    15. The ability to re-sort how a contact’s phone numbers appear when they have numerous numbers attached.

    Ok, I’m done…for now.

  30. 30 Michael F

    One thing that I absolutely HATE about the BlackBerry is a limitation in its core application, Messages. Why, RIM, oh why can’t I edit/trim/cut/paste the original text in a reply or forwarded message? What the hell is wrong with RIM to not allow this essential feature? Delete Original Text is great when I want to do that, but why can’t I do what I want with a message. I’m ready to go back to a Windows Mobile device again so that I can once again trim replies to emails or just quote a relevant section. I’m shocked that nobody has mentioned this absolutely stupid restriction. Other than that, I love my Curve. Blows away the old HTC S621.

  31. 31 Michael F

    Oh, the lack of categories in the calendar is also a mind boggling omission!!

  32. 32 Pardeesa

    I would really like to be able to silence the tone when speed dialing when I’m NOT on vibrate/quiet. This tone is annoying and loud, especially when you want to check your voicemail quickly and don’t want to go to “silent” first just so you don’t interupt a meeting/people.

  33. 33 Da Ser

    The BB changes my clock back and forth twice a year with the Light Saving Changes and there is no way to tell it not to do it as I live in a country with no time changes during the year

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