Whoops! No BlackBerry Storm for Rogers this year after all…

We’ll isn’t this a kick in the pants. We received an email today from Rogers corporate putting a stake in the heart of our hopes that the BlackBerry Storm would be on Big Red by New Years. Here’s the email:

Hi Douglas,
Regarding the ‘Storm’ posting…
Apologies for any confusion, our customer service representative made an error on our holiday device lineup. While we won’t divulge the holiday lineup in advance, I can confirm it will not include the BlackBerry Storm.

While it is a little weird that the service rep was pretty clear on the upcoming availability of the BlackBerry Storm, we’ll chalk this up to confusion + excitement = rumor fail. I guess we should have been a little more careful and titled the post ‘Confirmed: Rogers employees think the BlackBerry Storm is coming for Christmas’. Sorry to get your hopes up.

However, Rogers subscribers shouldn’t completely lose heart. Kevin over at CrackBerry did some digging into the story, and seems reasonably optimistic that Rogers could see a Storm-like touchscreen BlackBerry sometime in the future:

Over the past couple of months I have, like others, heard some “chatter” that a touchscreen BlackBerry would hopefully be coming to Rogers (which most assumed would be a version of the Storm). Now whether this device would actually come to Rogers in the form of the Storm 9500, or a slightly different version (perhaps supporting HSDPA, and who knows, maybe even carrying different branding and sporting a slightly different look than the Storm…), I have yet to see concrete proof of. From what I can tell, Rogers was looking to put the Storm on the roadmap, dropped it, and is probably now looking again/working hard to get a touchscreen BB out in the hopefully near future (and if they’re not, they should!!).

The final conclusion here is pretty simple: regardless of whether or not Rogers will eventually release a touchscreen BlackBerry, everyone agrees it would be a good idea. Get to it, Rogers!

11 Responses to “Whoops! No BlackBerry Storm for Rogers this year after all…”

  1. 1 DavidB

    Sure, every carrier should have a touch screen Blackberry. Every carrier should have a touch screen android and a touch screen iPhone too. But that’s not the reality of our “carrier is the customer” world. We end users don’t matter, we get whatever devices the carriers want us to have. Android could change that, but neither RIM nor APPL will.

  2. 2 Ahmed Jackson

    Good one. You should have titled your posting: Stupd CSR knows nothing

  3. 3 Chuk de

    I wonder how well the touch screen will be for those of us who will be using it for business use (email, texting) Do you guys think The bold might be the better way to go?

  4. 4 paul

    That sucks. As with most products Verizon brings out, they hype it for nearly two years and then by the time it comes out, it’s not that cool to begin with.

    I bet you people won’t get these until summer.


  5. 5 Xaroc

    im acualy cool with it not comming out so quick , i bought he Bold from rogers and while ago , and it took them a while to get the OS fixed, i’d rather them hold out a few extra months and have a full functional OS rather then having a BOLD repeat.

    but Belive me, once the storm comes out and has its bugs worked out, you can bet i will be getting my hands on 1 too lol

  6. 6 Kyle

    Hey on Tuesday Nov 18 I was on the phone with rogers and asked about the Storm and she looked up the info on her computer and she said that it WILL be comming but there is no date as of yet. I’m guessing they’ll be out by Valentines Day

  7. 7 scott

    the CSR’s at store level have been saying to customers (myself) January 12th release date. I would not be surprised if they were wrong though, they just want to get people in/out of the retail stores.

  8. 8 Quixotic Loofah

    Don’t Telcos get hit with a loss every time they buy an iPhone? If this were true, perhaps they’d want to keep the release date of Blackberry Storm hidden to keep people from holding off until then.

    Maybe its just frequency licensing issues..

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