Win a Lincoln MKS from RIM - only 5 days left!

2009 Lincoln MKS

Even though BlackBerry Cool was the first to tell you that RIM had partnered with Ford to give away a sweet 2009 Lincoln MKS via, it seems as though our inbox was one of last to receive this latest update. What update, you may ask? There is now only 4 days left to register to win!

If that isn’t enough to get you speeding through the Internets like your browser is on fire, RIM and Ford are also giving away 10 BlackBerrys to ease the pain of those that fail to claim the grand prize. You can register (now!) at the link below.

3 Responses to “Win a Lincoln MKS from RIM - only 5 days left!”

  1. 1 LouTreize

    I love how all contests “exclude Quebec”. Damn Quebec laws and regulations.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool


    Yeah, but you guys have Montreal and French women, so it’s more than a fair trade off.

  3. 3 LouTreize

    Ok, so that means you’ll be coming down one day and enjoy the boozing and french women lavished in beer, right? Haha!

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