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PeekaWho for BlackBerry

The fine gents from SmrtGuard, of BlackBerry Cool 15 fame (and current guest on the BlackBerry Cool Podcast) just tipped me off that they have released an update to the insanely popular PeekaWho. You can check out the whole change log below:

Change Log

    - Confirm deletes
    - LED Alerts (LED will be on until popup disappear - you can turn off auto fade so the LED is be on until you manually dismiss it)
    - Mark as Read (new icon on the popup)
    - Added Bedside into the list of application filter
    - popup show even when locked
    - Title and Corp Name in the popup
    - Color on Subj and Body for easy read
    - Key Shortcuts while popup is showing
    (d for dismiss, i for inbox, del key for delete, f for follow, r for mark as read)
    - language support framework (working on the translation)

Known Issue:

    - International Language problem with RIM’s API. When in a language other than English, PeeKaPic will not lookup properly. Also, Email Address Chooser in the email filter will not be able to add emails. We are working with RIM on this.

The best thing about the PeekaWho update? You can get it right now, for a FREE 7 day trial, by participating in the PeekaWho beta. Click the link below to download the new version of PeekaWho:

PeekaWho Beta Download

  • SmrtGuard Support

    Sorry about that, we will update the website. 8310 is supported. There was an old bug with OS 4.2.2 but that has been fixed.

  • paul
    What about Curve 8310 support? Website says not compatible?
  • SmrtGuard Support
    For those of you that are having ArrayIndexOutofBounce error, we have a v1.162:

    Point your BB Browser to:
  • artie
    Thank you SmartGuard Support, I have version 1.160 again and it works great. I'll wait 'till v1.161 is stable.
  • SmrtGuard Support

    Email us at, we will sort it out.

    Also, anyone like Artie who had the stable version v1.160 and downloaded the v1.161 and has minor problems, let us know at We gave Artie the v1.160 download link again so he can have his PeeKaWho working like before.
  • artie
    I purchased it a while back for my 8130 4.3 and had the last version 1.60 and installed the latest one 1.61 and got an error message: UncaughtException Java.Lang.Ind ExOutOfBoundsException. I clicked on the icon and nothing happens.
    any ideas?
  • @Lee

    Here's the deal: i mistook the extended trial of the beta (7 days) as a one-way ticket to free town.


    The fine gents at SmrtGuard are giving an actual free copy to anyone that downloaded the beta thinking they'd be getting the full version. Nice guys!
  • Lee
    Is this "Free" as in "free trial" or "free" as in "free to those who have already purchased it"? Because I've never used it before, installed it, and it looks like it's a trial version that will eventually time out unless an activation code is provided. Thoughts?
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