Telus BlackBerry Storm to come on December 8th?

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Sad news for Telus fans hoping to see the BlackBerry Storm 9530 on the Canadian carrier sometime near the impending Vodafone Storm launch (somewhere between November 14th-18th). We received this email today from a faithful member of the BlackBerry Nation:

Hi, I’m currently a Telus Corporate Store employee and I can guarantee you that the release date WILL NOT BE Nov. 17. I had just attended a Q4 Rally which was at the Ontario Science Centre in which on our PowerPoint slide, the indicated date will be in fact, Dec. 8th. I was unable to photograph the actual slide due to security reasons but the loot and goodies I picked up from the event should be sufficient evidence that I am in fact telling the truth. Within the picture is my lanyard needed for the night for entry to the Rally, and plenty of goodies from the companies which are under the Telus brand and useful specification information sheets.

So there you have it, folks, December 8th. A month away, but still in time to make the Storm a perfect stocking stuffer. I guess that’s why Telus changed their BlackBerry Storm Page to read “in time for the holidays” from “coming soon”.

You can follow all the latest Storm launch date news on our BlackBerry Storm Roundup page. Check out another photo from our tipster friend after the jump.

  • Connor
    I was told by 3 Telus Tours that the release date will be 17th of December and one of the reasons it was pushed back was because of a bug in the chip that reset your settings to default when the phone was turned off and also they wanted to make sure they have enough of the units for the christmas rush.
  • Shaun
    i have been told it wont be out until the 18th of December by every Telus store i have talked to in Alberta
  • Tony
    On the downlow from one of the largest Telus stores in terms of volume (not corporate) - they say Dec. 10 is when they will have devices based on their latest supply meeting with RIM. I don't know if the corporate stores will have the devices slightly earlier (like Dec. 8), but the owner of this store has been accurate on the last dozen phone releases including the last few rounds of Blackberries.
  • TheLoveSponge
    who gives a shit!?
  • JL
    I was also at the Q4 Rally. There was NO mention about release date.
  • Mike
    I'm in the same boat as Jeremy. I'm a corporate client and my Telus rep assurred me i'd have my Storm in hand by Nov 17 (when he recieved his stock). I'll try and find some concrete evidence of this.
  • If anyone could provide us with further confirmation if the Telus date has been pushed back -- or if one has even been firmly established -- it would be greatly appreciated. You can use our contact form at the top right hand corner of the site (gray bar) or direct message me via twitter: @tron.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Jeremy
    I am a corporate client and I was told by one of my reps at Telus that the original date hasn't been changed...yet.
  • Ahmed Jackson
    I am also a corporate stores employee and I attended the presentation - there was no reference as to the date of the Storm launch. I would not place much confidence in the above photos as a logical premise for the launch date.
  • I feel your pain, LouTreize! The bad news is that Bell will likely launch after Telus, leaving us waiting about a month for Canadian Storm goodness.
  • LouTreize
    Ahhh cmon! Now the question is where does Bell stand? I'm getting a little annoyed now, I haven't had a working Blackberry for 2 months and now this happens.
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