Stockstream Mobile allows you to watch your crashing stocks in real time


Gary Krakow and have a great video introducing Stockhouse’s newest BlackBerry application, Stockstream Mobile. You may remember Stockhouse for powering Reuters’ Connection-Station BlackBerry application. Stockstream Mobile retails for $19.95 and you can download it at the link below.

Stockstream Mobile for BlackBerry

|via The Street|

2 Responses to “Stockstream Mobile allows you to watch your crashing stocks in real time”

  1. 1 LouTreize

    Not only does this application look very appealing but that title you put up is hilarious. Title of the month (so far).

  2. 2 exh

    As of this posting this service has been offline for almost two weeks. Yikes…

    Dear Stockstream Mobile Customer;
    As you know we have just gone through the process of switching data providers, as a result we have experienced data delivery challenges.
    Unfortunately we have not been able to solve them and currently we do not have a solution but hope to have one to you in the coming days. We will update this site every 48 hours Monday to Friday, so please check back for further updates.
    Please note our technical staff will not be able to provide you with additional information.
    Marcus New
    Stockhouse Inc.

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