Verizon BlackBerry Storm to retail at $220? Or not?

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HowardForums member Matrix2004 has posted that BlackBerry Storm 9530 pricing information is up on Verizon’s test site. The magic number? $219 on a 2 year contract, $289 on a 1 year contract and $519 straight up. These prices do not include any rebates, so the final price may be lower. You can see for yourself by clicking the link below and using 85001 as your area code.

HOWEVER, once there, you will notice a lack of graphical assets and placeholder text from the BlackBerry 8830, which means the price may be placeholder as well ($219 is an odd number…). In addition, Matrix2004 himself has said that this may not be the final price, so don’t set your hopes too high.

What can we take from this? If the price is correct, this Christmas Verizon and RIM are going to see a lot of BlackBerry Storms. Also, if Verizon had announced pricing information when they were sending out Storm promotional emails, people wouldn’t be creeping their testing site looking, and there wouldn’t be so much confusion. At this point we have to ask if Verizon is still trying to build hype or if they’re not 100% on the ball.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 test page

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  • Gagen
    That is neat. So maybe they are gearing up to have them sold near the weekend??
  • @mR742

    I don't think they have. I checked after you posted, anyways, and it's still up (for now). Hurry there before it's too late!
  • mR742
    BAh, they took away the Storm page
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