Fortune profiles RIM, references BlackBerry Cool 15


Fortune Magazine has published an excellent profile on RIM, addressing the myriad issues facing Waterloo’s favorite company (intense competition, slipping stock, multiple device releases at once) but also their unflappable confidence to get the job done. Quoteth RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in reference to the BlackBerry Storm:

“That right there is the most advanced smartphone ever made,” he says. “There’s no phone that measures up.”

Fortune writer Jessi Hempel indicates that much of this confidence stems from the invigorating BlackBerry Developer Conference, pointing to one specific event where the ‘excitement was palpable’:

A 28-year-old software developer named Robert Kao jumped on a makeshift stage and plugged his BlackBerry into the overhead projector to demo a new software program. A hundred guys (and two women) chugged Coronas while Kao explained how his homing software could track lost phones, back up content, and, with the click of a button, obliterate all your e-mails and phone numbers. Think Lojak for your phone. Before he finished, a venture capitalist in the front row piped up, “I’ll fund you.”

Hmm, sounds familiar. Oh wait, that’s the BlackBerry Cool 15 being mentioned, along with Robert Kao of SmrtGuard/PeekaWho fame (special VC appearance courtesy of Rick Segal). It’s good to know that we were able to help!

While the Fortune profile doesn’t offer any new information for regular BlackBerry Cool readers, it’s still worth checking out if only to get your BlackBerry news from a professional writer.

Fortune Magazine: BlackBerry maker battles back

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