Desktop Manager 4.7 now available (BlackBerry Bytes)

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We told you all the way back in July that you wouldn’t see the BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7 until the BlackBerry Storm was ready to be released, but with a UK launch last Friday and the same happening in the US this Friday, that time is now. We don’t yet know what new features or upgrades away DM 4.7, but we’re downloading now and will post if we find anything of note. If you can’t wait, hit the link below to give it a try yourself.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7

  • NewUser1
    None of this works. What the hell. Hello!, I just paid $250 on this phone and $100+/month. Hellooo!
  • Caspan here is the real link. Wouldent you know it the site has taken down the file though.... Thanks RIM
  • Caspan
    Fix your link nimble nuts it has a w in the embeded link w is not an address
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