Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho

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OS Support: BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 and above
Price: $10
Company: Aerize
Where to buy: The BlackBerry Cool store!
Official user guide: Here


Aerize is a simple utility that allows you to display a pop-up notification on your home screen whenever someone sends you either an email or a text message.

By clicking on the Aerize Alerts icon in your applications menu, you are brought to the configuration screen where you can customize a number of things:

  • Font size: Small, normal or large.
  • Auto-dismiss: This allows you to alter the length of time pop-up notification remains on your home screen. You can disable this feature, allowing the pop-up to remain on your homes screen until you manually dismiss it, open it, or mark it. You can also set Aerize up to dismiss the pop-up after 5, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.
  • Show email pop-up/show SMS pop-up: You can set Aerize Alerts to show when either one or both email and SMS texts are received. You can also disable Aerize altogether.
  • Body preview: Set the length of the body preview to short, long, or disable it altogether – showing only contact info an a photo (if you’ve assigned one to the contact).
  • Buttons: You can set Aerize to show the buttons (open, mark, delete, go to inbox) in a stack at the beginning of the message, in a strip, or at the end of the message in the pop-up.
  • Only show if: This allows you to set the rules dictating when a notification pops up. You can allow pop-up notifications for anyone, or set Aerize to notify you with a pop-up if the sender is a contact, has a photo assigned to them, or if the message is of high importance (added in version 1.1.0).
  • You can display an example alert with your own configurations at any time by scrolling to and clicking on the display example alert button.

  • Don
    I have PeekaWho 1.170. It doesn't work on my Curve OS 4.5

    The previous version didn't work either!!! NOT Recommended!
  • Bibi
    I thinkj Aeize looks cleaner and modern. Im trying it on trial for the BB Storm, its looking ok, but sometimes reads error java script. Give it a go however, its working looking at!
  • Arodweb
    PeeKaWho Rocks!!!!!
  • babybug
    I purchased the Aeize for $5 when it was on sale. The program doesnt work anymore after I upgraded my curve to newer 4.5 os. After a few email exchanges with their support, they just disappeared. I just hope PeekaWho will have a better support.
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