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The coming weeks will be a strange one for BlackBerry users purchasing the BlackBerry Storm, RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry. Likely, many of these people will have never used a touchscreen device before, and will be unfamiliar with the process. “How do I use it?” they will ask. “Why does the screen move? What’s an accelerometer? Should I dip it in peanut butter?”

Thankfully, Vodafone and RIM each have provided the help BlackBerry users seek. It addition to the introduction video above, you’ll find another one after the jump on web browsing, and a link to RIM’s BlackBerry Storm Tips and Navigation PDF.

Note: do not dip your BlackBerry Storm in peanut butter. Trust us, it won’t help.

BlackBerry Storm Tips and Navigation

  • Pnm186
    I was not using my Blackberry Storm phone for quite a long time. Now, when I switched on the phone (after charging) I am not able to press anything on my Blackberry Storm screen. Any idea what could be the reason and how to resolve it?
  • shannon lowe
    thank you i have sorted my text out i find it way easier than the other one !!!!!!!!!!
  • shannon lowe
    hello my blackberry storm is nothing like yours my text is like an iphone text it doesnt let me change it. I've tried moving the menu things like you did it doesnt work can you tell me why?
  • maria
    i need to know how to work the blackberry storm not what it looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • shannon lowe
    same with mine i cant seem to work it at all i my bluetooth never works it wont let anybody send anything to me and my memory is not full because i havent got anything on it x
  • Greg
    I have a telus blackberry storm and i cant seem to get you tube videos to work on it even with the google application downladed it still wont play videos.
  • Caspan
    Wow that was the worst help video I have ever seen. you never showed anyone anything in that video other then showing of the interface and 2 screens.
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