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I know what you’re thinking: another Storm video? I get it, by now you’ve probably made up your mind as to whether or not you’re a BlackBerry Storm fan. However, to borrow a line from recent elections, there are likely still many ’swing voters’ on the fence about this touchscreen business. The video above is one of the best we’ve seen in demonstrating the basic functionality of the Storm’s OS, if you can ignore the dreaded BlackBerry Buzz. If you can’t decide after watching this video, you might as well leave the choice up to Santa.

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  • LouTreize
    @DizzyGoldfish @Dennis W

    Ya I get the feeling that the dream is over for now. You'll see more videos pop up soon though.
  • Dennis W
    it says the video is private. how can I watch it?
  • DizzyGoldfish
    YouTube vid not working for me. Says no longer available.

    FYI. Thanks!
  • Josh
    Great first review. Is there anyway to show how the eMail app renders HTML emails such as Newsletters like the NYT Dealbook? I get a bunch of these. I know it depends on the BES supporting HTML but BIS emails should be fine.
  • LouTreize
    Some more video's from this user:
  • LouTreize
    Shhhhhhhh...shhhhhhhh. You hear that? It's called clicking. By the way, this software runs pretty smooth compared to what i've been hearing. I think the problem remains as to how patient users are. Some users can get outta hand and start clicking all over the place. Time will tell! Thanks for posting this up Doug.
  • me
    Next time you do a video that includes audio like this, turn off your GSM phone!
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