BlackBerry Storm vs. BlackBerry Bold Camera


As a proponent of ‘blogging from your BlackBerry’, one of the features of my BlackBerry Bold that really lets me down is the camera. Even though it is vastly superior to previous BlackBerry models, it’s not quite web-tech blog quality. Obviously, one of the first things I did when I sat down with the Telus BlackBerry Storm was a camera comparison.

As you can see, the BlackBerry Storm easily outperforms the Bold’s camera. Not only does it have 3.2Mpx to the BlackBerry Bold’s 2.oMpx, but autofocus capability (which is great considering my infamous shaky hand syndrome) and a much broader dynamic color and light range. This picture was also taken in low-light conditions, something the Bold has never been too good at, but the Storm doesn’t disappoint.

You can see each individual image after the jump for a more thorough comparison. Both pictures were taken on ’superfine’ quality with flash set to ‘auto’.

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  1. 1 Andrew

    wow I cant believe the difference, man I cant wait for a rogers version

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  2. 2 LouTreize

    Whoa! A world of a difference. I thought the Bold did a pretty good job the first time i played with it. Now I can remember clearly that I was on LSD at the time. Haha!

  3. 3 Bradley

    Most of my pictures come out much better on my AT&T Bold than yours. Not as good as the Storm though.

  4. 4 Will

    How long does it take to take pictures with the Storm?

  5. 5 DavidB

    How about video recording performance? And Doesn’t it have image stabilization?

  6. 6 Andrew

    ya I heard it has image stabilizing, which would be so cool, also my Bold seems to take better pictures than the ones posted as well.

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  7. 7 BlackBerry Cool


    Takes images very quickly, just like the Bold.


    Hard to say. Recorded video on the bold looks good until you post it. Telus Storm def. looked better, but I’m going to have to play with it more to see if the quality holds up once it gets to YouTube.

  8. 8 anonymous

    It looks like you used a flash for the photo from the Storm, but not with the photo from the Bold. I believe that is the reason for the huge difference in quality.

  9. 9 BlackBerry Cool


    As I said, both were set to auto. So if the Storm were to decide for you that flash was better in that instance, that’s something to be aware of.

    However, the flash did go off on my Bold. I think the Storm flash is much brighter, or as Bradley said, my Bold just has a poopy camera.

  10. 10 Monique

    Glad to hear the Storm camera is better, the Curve camera has been very disapointing. The quality is not great and the pix always turn out too dark. I just wish the Storm had more megapixel; Nokia has a cell with 5mgpx and the Ziess optics!

  11. 11 Monique

    Does anyone know what the video file extension is for the Storm?? Hope Storm video can be massaged in Media Center without conversion software.

    Wish RIM had built in the feature to upload video directly to You Tube.

  12. 12 CameraGuy

    Nice job with the side by side!

    I think the Storm is better at lighting because it’s using an OmniVision TrueFocus chip. The focusing is handled by the processor, so it doesn’t need to be stopped down for picture taking like the Bold does.

    Ever think about doing a review on the video capture? Don’t you think it’s kinda weird that everything’s in focus all the time, yet there’s no delay for the changing focus? ;)

  13. 13 infinitum

    The auto focus starts out enabled. The image stabilization is turned off by default however. Turn it on in the cameras options for an even better image. also the next release is supposed to fix the camera delay as well as some other stuff like the remaining delay on the accelorometers. Next update is .83 or something.

  14. 14 abu

    It doesnt seem like this article was written with any preassumptions or bias. lol

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