4 minutes of BlackBerry Storm video heaven

If my pithy hands on impressions post from BBDC wasn’t enough to tide you over, and you’ve been staring at our launch date round up counting down the days until it’s your carrier’s turn, you’ll probably enjoy this 4 minute BlackBerry Storm video. Running through a variety of activities (texting, web browsing, GPS navigation, media viewing), it’s probably the clearest demonstration of the BlackBerry Storm experience.

|via MobileBurn|

5 Responses to “4 minutes of BlackBerry Storm video heaven”

  1. 1 LouTreize

    Is it possible. Bell had to unleash it November 21st (in my case), they just had too.

  2. 2 Phil

    Are you a slow typer? or is the Storm slow and you have slowed down to allow the phone to keep up? I use my BB for business and have developed text/typing skills that would make Morpheus and Neo jealous. I think I’m gonna have to set my sights on the Bold if the Storm is really that slow.

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