Best Buy to sell Verizon BlackBerry Storm for $199

When we previously told you that Best Buy was taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Storm, it wasn’t the most useful information, because we couldn’t tell exactly how much Best Buy was charging for the Storm. Now we can.

BGR has posted some images which indicate that the BlackBerry Storm will sell at Best Buy for $199 on a 2 year contract, $299 on a 1 year contract, and $599 straight up. If your Storm purchase is a new activation and not an upgrade, Best Buy will throw in a free Plantronic 360 BT headset. Of course, Best Buy won’t begin selling the BlackBerry Storm until Sunday, November 23rd, meaning you’re going to have to want that headset really bad to hold out for two extra days.

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23 Responses to “Best Buy to sell Verizon BlackBerry Storm for $199”

  1. 1 Chad

    Well i can tell you that the date is wrong. Nov. 23rd is not the sales date, I have an appointment on the 21st to pick up the Storm.

  2. 2 A Reader

    Chad -

    You don’t read much do you?

    “Best Buy won’t begin selling the BlackBerry Storm until Sunday, November 23rd, meaning you’re going to have to want that headset really bad to hold out for two extra days”

    23 - 21 = 2

    Whoo Hoo for Math!

  3. 3 Rick D

    My Verizon rep tells me that the first sales date for the Storm has been pushed back to the 23rd for everyone. So Chad might come back from his appointment on the 21st empty handed.

  4. 4 Anika S

    I was at Best Buy yesterday and they told me they aren’t taking anymore pre-orders because they had too many people signed up already and that they didn’t know if they could have that many in stock.

  5. 5 Legolus

    My appointment is Nov 21st at 10am - they called and setup this up Yesterday

  6. 6 Chad

    i knew it. i love p e n i s because my name is chad the Fa G

  7. 7 Adam

    Really, the 23rd? C’mon already, let me get my freaking phone!!! Can a verizon rep please confirm this?

  8. 8 Chad

    You guys better keep looking on the internet because about 50 sites have it for the 21st. The rumor mill had the date pushed back about 1 week prior to the original announcement. Now that there was an official announcement as well as Best Buy themselves calling me on the 14th with the date and an appointment, you internet surfers need to get an official source for your info. The Boy Genius Report, who were the first to break any news and pictures about this device has a link you all should follow as well.

  9. 9 Adam

    Just called BB about my preorder. They told me that they don’t know when they’re getting the phone. Guy kept saying the street date for release is the 21st but they aren’t sure when they(BB) are going to release it. He said it may not be until the 22nd when people actually see the phone. By the way, I live in Pittsburgh if that matters.

    P.S. Got to use the phone last week at a First Touch party at PNC Park. Just awesome!!!!

  10. 10 Chad

    Verizon Official Site

  11. 11 Chad


  12. 12 Chad

    Telecom industry news

  13. 13 Adam

    Chad….what about Best Buy? I think thats what we want to know since some of us preordered.

  14. 14 vijay

    Guys, decide and post when the BlackBerry Storm will be released. Verizon has 21st Nov as the release date. What is this news about pushed back? I think the BlackBerry Storm is safer than the iPhone and I just Want is ASAP.

    I can’t wait to get myself the Storm…

  15. 15 Chad not the dumbass A Reader

    Talked to best buy just now. They said that both A Reader and Rick D are both complete idiots and need the geek squad to pull their heads out of their ashes.

    Best Buy gets their shipments in on Wednesday and are prepared to give the pre-order people their appointment set phones on Friday.

    What is so cool is that if you read my response i said the date of this article was wrong and those 2 numbnuts basically start in on me right from jump-street. Then decide to make their own profile with the name chad and start in on me again. I will be back laughing my ass off on Friday just to post the picture of my Storm and they can wait until the 23rd to get theirs. They just need to do a bit of research instead of calling “their Verizon rep” as if they have this special person assigned just to them. What complete tools. Ill bet you a million dollars that neither of them will have the ballls to come back here on Friday to see my post 2pm PST Friday. HAHAHAHAH 23-21=2??? What the hell was that moronic logic anyway?

  16. 16 BlackBerry Cool

    Chad et al,

    Here is the original post that leads me to believe that BEST BUY will be selling the BlackBerry Storm on the 23rd, not the 21st.

    Nowhere did we say that Verizon has pushed back the launch date from the 21st.

  17. 17 Chad

    Its cool. If you read my original post I just said the date was wrong because i had just gotten my appointment from Best Buy and reconfirmed it from your post. Im just unclear why A READER would instantly attack me. I never had a negative tone in my message. I really think that Best Buy is going to only do the pre-orders in the beginning from the 21st, then sell to the general public on the 23rd.

  18. 18 112108

    will be picking my Storm up at 4pm at Best Buy from my preorder. Period.

  19. 19 camD

    I pre-ordered my storm at the west hollywood best buy and was the last to do so before they stopped due to demand.

    Just got my call today 6 days later to pick up my phone on the 21st.

    I can’t wait to throw this thing at someone!

  20. 20 Chad not the dumbass A Reader


    A Reader can kiss my ass. I have had mine since 11am this AM. I guess 23-2=21 after all, stupid dick!!!!

    Ill bet you anything he wont be back here to eat his words?

  21. 21 Blackberry Storm Man

    I absolutely love my Blackberry Storm, it has everything I can imagine a phone having. I’ve had it just a couple of days now and I can hardly stop playing with it, figuring out all the old and new features it has.

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