BlackBerry Bold launches in South Africa

Coming straight out of Johannesburg, RIM and MTN jointly announced this morning the availability of the BlackBerry Bold in South Africa. The South African contingent of the BlackBerry Nation will love the Bold’s 3G, Wi-Fi and integrated GPS capabilities.

“The BlackBerry Bold exudes style and accomplishment with its glossy black exterior and satin chrome frame. Its stunning display, sophisticated user interface and newly designed full-QWERTY keyboard all combine to make it a phone that any power user would be proud to carry,” says Pieter Verkade - MTN SA Chief Marketing Officer.

While pricing information is not yet posted on the site, you’ll be able to find it at the link below shortly. Make sure to check out our exhaustive BlackBerry Bold review as well.

BlackBerry Bold MTN South Africa

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  1. 1 Leigh Morum

    The problem is that neither Vodacom nor MTN have stock. The response is that there is a worldwide shortage and they haven’t received their allocation of these phones yet.

  2. 2 Gareth

    MTN have there stock already and have booked them into stock, This is known for fact. Part of there shipment came in a couple weeks ago.

  3. 3 Gareth

    Meant to mention…. Blackberry 9000 Bold R 5,309.48 Outright purchase cost.

  4. 4 Bevan

    Been waiting 2 months now and still nothing available from MTN… I am going mad.

  5. 5 Gareth

    Bevan, I urge to put your name down for one. We are currently moving them quite fast for corporates. On top of that due to the stock levels being brought in right now the sales force are pre-booking them for the corporate customers.they are here and with MTN.

  6. 6 Bevan

    I have put my name down at two mtn dealers. One in the Pavilion Durban and one at game City Durban. The guy I spoke to at the Pavilion store said I was the first one on their list… I find that hard to believe.

    The service from both these stores has been shocking… today a lady at mtn told me they would no longer be getting any more stock of the bold… I am at a point where I am now looking at the iPhone (forgive me)… I really want the bold, But I just do not know what is going on.

  7. 7 Gareth

    Yes, the stores are useless, I am afraid that is inherent for any local carrier. Its unfortunately the people and the drive they don’t seem to have. More Bold’s are coming in the new including the javelin, which mtn are putting through network testing right now. This will be the Bold Killer.To my knowledge the 8220 is also coming. Goodluck for the iPhone if you go that route Pls do your research, you may want to wait for the revised model coming in 2009 where they should iron out a lot of the issues.

  8. 8 Bevan

    Are there any other good models of Blackberry that have GPS built in available in South Africa?

    I have looked at the iphone and I was not blown away, it is has lots of toys, but seems to lack in ‘maturity’ - that is why the Bold was my first choice. Perhaps I’ll just hold on until the new BB’s arrive… maybe I should put my name down for that now!!!

  9. 9 Anton

    Hi All

    I am looking for Bold accessories in Cape Town - any suggestions

  10. 10 Gareth

    Call KNRFlatrock, I am not sure if they sell direct, if they do not they will advise the store that will have. I am not sure if they have Bold Accessories yet, what are you looking for specifically. - they have both a JHB and CT office.

  11. 11 Gareth

    @Bevan. GPS Models - 8800, 8110, 8310, Bold.

  12. 12 Bevan

    Thanks - I think that I have managed to secure a Bold… only time will tell.

  13. 13 Bevan

    Got my Bold and loving it… I was under the impression that it came with turn by turn navigation? All I can find is a blackberry maps… any ideas?

  14. 14 Bevan

    Anyone wanting a Bold should give Nashua Mobile a call… They had a few in stock.

  15. 15 Gareth

    If with MTN then no luck, they still trying to get their act together with a solution. If with Vodacom then Satnav will be the solution, there should be a download icon for it, it may also not be setup for virtual preload between Vodacom and RIM, you may need to call them to find out.

  16. 16 Bevan

    I am with MTN and was sold the device having being told it did turn by turn… I wonder how long MTN are going to take with a solution… would this solution effect all brands of phone offering a satnav option? i.e. Nokia etc… or just Blackberry?

  17. 17 Gareth

    Well, that is correct, it has GPS. In the past 6 months or so, in fact less, I have tested three products with MTN and they cannot get anything finalised. I have been through Telmap, Garmin and one other(can’t remember the name).you’re best bet right now is to try Nav4all, its free but a cumbersome product.

  18. 18 Bevan

    As long as it is not just BlackBerrys… then the pressure will surely come from all providers…

    One last thing… this R69 data bolt on for the BB’s - do you perhaps know what exactly that covers?

  19. 19 Gareth

    Not sure about the rest, try not to deal with that.

    As for Bolt On, it covers the following:
    1. All Email
    2. All Browsing via the Internet Browser(BIS Browsing)
    3. Pin Messaging

    These are non-billable as additional costs.

    The following are Billable:
    1. Phone Calls
    2. SMS
    3. MMS
    4. Browsing via the wap browser (labeled: MTN)

    To ensure your browser is set correctly:
    Open Settings or Options | Open Adnvanced Options | Open Browser | change ‘Browser config’ to Internet Browser.

    The above path should be with in reason the same on the Bold

    For Bookmarks you create ensure that the Bookmark is set to use the Internet Browser.

  20. 20 Bevan

    Excellent thanks for the info… what catergory does the GPS fall into?

  21. 21 Gareth

    GPS is non billable as is for any GPS device. Its the software you use that will be a deal breaker. Premium apps such as Telmap require BIS-B, as will any solution that MTN goes for. Nav4all will have this option in its Connection settings, auto in most cases will work via the BIS-B browser but I set it to BIS-B explicitly regardless.

  22. 22 Bevan

    Any idea how I change my email signature on the BB Bold? Blogs tell me to log on to the carriers website and do it? How do I go about this on MTN? Or am I stuck with…’Sent from my Blackberry’

  23. 23 Gareth

    Goto and login with the username and password vreated for the site. If you did not do this via the BB BIS Portal and created the account from the device then you will need create one on the at the link above. Use your device PIN and IMEI, this will Associate the username to the Identifier used for auto-login from the device. Note there are pros and cons to this, by creating an account you disable the auto-login via the device, the pro is you have full control over the BIS options such as Signatures, filters, etc.

    Login into the portal, Edit the relevant account and remove the Signature and save.

  24. 24 Gareth

    Sorry typos… ‘username and password created for the site’ and ‘then you will need create one on the link above.’

  25. 25 Bevan

    Thanks Gareth,

    Disabling Auto-login does what exactly?

  26. 26 Gareth

    The Auto-login is on the device when you create and setup the accounts via the devices ‘Mobile Email Settings’ homescreen shortcut. So by creating the username for the Desktop based BIS portal, this will stop the device auto-logging in directly and will then present you with a login page. Its a minor con and having a full qwerty keypad it is not generally a huge issue to now login via the ‘Mobile Email Settings’ homescreen shortcut to manage any mail accounts.

  27. 27 Bevan

    Sorry for all the questions…

    so does that mean I will need to login every time I retrieve my email?

  28. 28 Gareth

    No, Its only for management of the accounts you have associated to your BlackBerry. Nothing really changes. The ‘Mobile Email Settings’ homescreen shortcut is a browser link and has no bearing on the logging in or security enabling of the device itself. So where you would click on that and it would automatically just login to the BIS Management console, it would now prompt you to login. So going back the Signature management, this can only be adjusted or removed via logging into the Desktop based BIS Portal.

  29. 29 Bevan

    OH! Great. Thanks for you help!

  30. 30 Gareth

    No problem at all. :D

  31. 31 Bevan

    Me again…

    Had the phone 2 months and now I keep getting ‘Call Failed’ errors. After which I can not make or receive calls (and I think emails too). I then have to pull the battery out and restart the device… which seems a little ‘Flintstones’ to me especially for a R7000 device? Any idea if this a phone error or good old MTN?

  32. 32 Gareth

    It will be both. Have you upgraded the Device code at all? It is absolutely imperative that this is done for any BlackBerry Device. Shipping code is often full of little bugs. Here is the MTN Link for Code (Down Below) if you can download, Keep in mind throttle there traffic, so on a 2mb+ dsl which I have I can only get 18kb/s out of them. The MTN Office in Mt Edgecombe (Think you were from Durb’s if I remember correctly), should be able to provide the newest version, Dont rely on the stores but you can try them if you want, Upgrading yourself will save you time in having to send it and wait for days, and if you ever need to reload it again you can. The below version also may resolve some issues with Reconciliation when on 3G (Seen more in BES Environments).

    # File name: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel365_PL4.0.0.183_A4.6.0.216_MTN_-_South_Africa.exe
    # File size: 95.84MB


    MTN Latest Approved / Launched Software:

  33. 33 Bevan

    Great. Am busy downloading. Also any idea why MTN claim that my pin is already registered? I don’t remember registering it?

  34. 34 Gareth

    Did you at any point connect to the BIS Portal via the Mobile Email Settings Link on the device? This will register an Identifier against the BIS System. What is your PIN? I can check.

  35. 35 Bevan

    PIN: 256B0A41

  36. 36 Gareth

    Your device is registered with a User Identifier only. Create a Username and Password via Long term this will best for Management…. BIS 2.6 however will cater for some additional features on that are currently only available via a desktop login.

  37. 37 Gareth

    It is registered because you have an account setup already, which was done via the device. If you create an account you will disable the autologin from the device when you go via the Mobile Email Settings homescreen icon.

  38. 38 Bevan

    when I create an account it asks for the PIN and that is where it tells me it is already registered… :(

  39. 39 Gareth

    Strange, I cannot even do the same from the Admin Portal, which is possible as I have done that many times before. May have to re-create it all.

  40. 40 Gareth

    Ok, See the difference…. Vodacom has the option, MTN Does not but not sure if this is specific to you or a Global BIS Admin option. I dont have a MTN sim avaialble right now to check, all booked out. We can try re-create your account…. If so we can continue this offline off of this post via Email.

  41. 41 Bevan

    Sure… is it OK to leave my email here?

  42. 42 Gareth

    I have it via the BIS Admin Portal, dont post here.

  43. 43 infs

    It is absolutely imperative that this is done for any BlackBerry Device.

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