BlackBerry Storm launches in France

Cross another country off the list of those waiting to be hit by the Storm. RIM and SFR jointly announced the release of the BlackBerry Storm today in France. Our merry French brethren will be able to pre-order the Stormfrom on the SFR online store November 20th, with in store availability beginning December 3 in all SFR shops. Here’s a list of applications preloaded on the BlackBerry Storm:

    * Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Google Talk for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * AOL Instant Messenger™ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * ICQ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones

SFR is selling the BlackBerry Storm for €99 with a €50 discount, and is offering two new Illimythics 3G+ plans specially designed for the BlackBerry Storm. You can see full plan details after the jump.

The Illimythics 3G+ Special « GPS - Mail » plans will be available from 19th November 2008 to 20th January 2009.

2H Illimythics 3G+ Special GPS – Mail:
This plan will be available from €44,90 per month on a 24 months contract (€49,90 per month on a 12 months contract). This special offer will be available for a limited time.


* Unlimited GPS Navigation ‘SFR Find & Go’, email service with attachment download capability (Business Mail), mobile Internet, Mobile TV and SMS
* Unlimited phone calls from 21h30 to 00h
* Two hours of phone calls
* 10 singles without DRM to be downloaded for free from 19/11/08 to 20/01/09

3H Illimythics 3G+ Special GPS – Mail:
The plan described above will also be available in a 3 hours version from €61,90 per month on a 24 month contract (€66,90 per month on a 12 months contract). This special offer will be available for a limited time.

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9 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm launches in France”

  1. 1 Kyle

    Putin! C’est pas pire ce prix la. Moi j’aime l’ecran-touche mais je veux savoir qui va fair un jeux pour cette mobile. Sera comme l’iPhone? Tabernac esti!

  2. 2 LouTreize

    Bon bein tabarnac mon gars, au lieu de penser, commence en fair des jeux pour l’iPhone cris.


  3. 3 Kyle

    HAHAHA true that! Also, swearing in French is way more fun than English.

  4. 4 meir grunhut

    will a BB Storm work in the US with an AT&T sim card?

  5. 5 Jonathan Métillon

    “Unlimited GPS Navigation ‘SFR Find & Go’”

    Fr : en mode piéton uniquement ! Pour débloquer le mode voiture, c’est 5 € /mois.

    En : pedestrian mode only! To unlock the car mode, it’s 5 € /mo.

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