Buying a BlackBerry Storm? Maybe not in SoCal.


UPDATE: It looks like the SoCal store in question received a late shipment today, bringing their total number of Storms to ten. No further shipments are expected before November 21st.

We have some potentially bad news for those looking to walk into a Southern California Verizon store on November 21st and walk out with a BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Cool has received word from Verizon employees that stores in the SoCal area are receiving as few as two BlackBerry Storms, with one Storm a dedicated demo model. Storm purchases will instead be Direct-Fulfilled, which means customers will have to wait until the device is delivered to their homes.

We were told that Verizon is shorting in-store Storm supplies in an attempt to prevent insider theft, and that this is similar to what they did for the launch of the LG Voyager. Our Verizon employee was uncertain if flagship stores would be receiving more devices, but it doesn’t hurt to call your local VZW store and plan ahead. I expect Verizon will ship more devices to stores after the 21st, when the eBay value of a BlackBerry Storm will drop dramatically.

If any other Verizon employees can confirm that this is happening at their store, please post a comment! For now, enjoy a photo of the Storm-emblazoned shirts VZW employees will be wearing on launch day after the jump.

Thanks to ‘Captain Anonymous’ for the tip!

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  1. 1 NA

    I live in So-Cal. The store I called said they received a shipment today and are expecting another shipment tomorrow but were very careful to not answer any other questions.
    He refused to say whether there would or would not be a shortage and even refused to agree on if our definitions of “shortage” were the same.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool

    Hmm, that sounds a little ominous. Thanks for the update, NA. Good luck!

  3. 3 Captain Anonymous

    I don’t think there’s going to be a shortage, they just won’t have the stock “in-store”

  4. 4 jacob

    numerous michigan stores have confirmed another delay. 500,000 units are ready but wont be in store on the 21st. you have to get it mailed to you.

  5. 5 DavidB

    This is no different than iP3G launch day right? Weren’t many ATT stores limited to 8 and other sales were direct fulfillment?

  6. 6 RedMonkey

    I received a call from a Verizon store today here in Ohio, and was told that supplies would be limited, and that they would be done on a voucher system (whatever that means).

    He said that he will be able to sell me one that would be delivered to my home via direct fulfillment. So, it may not just be a SoCal problem.

    Just called another local store, and the guy there said Friday morning is a first come first serve thing, and that they can sell one through direct fulfillment if they sell out in the store. So, it would appear that they are heavily pushing the direct fulfillment method.

    I would venture to say it’s probably a combined result of a not-so-stellar Voyager release last year around this time, and the fact that it’s less expensive for Verizon to have a customer pay for shipping through direct fulfillment rather than send the devices to the stores on their own dime. Shoplifting is no doubt a concern as well.

  7. 7 alex

    the shortage is really going to hurt third paty retailers which ake up 70% o verzon stores. i don’t see how they can leave such a big pat of there sales force with a bitter taste n their mouth after doing the same thing last year with the voyager. this shortage is everywhere i’m in md, and work for a retailer and we can’t order any, even thogh each of our stores have a waiting list of about 20 people. the part that bothers me is it makes us look like second rate verin stores and takes sales from us and gives them to coorporate. does anyone know about internet sales wheather or not they will offer it?

  8. 8 Derek

    In Greenville SC, no problems at all….There were 15 people in line at 8am and we all got one. They had 31 Storms in stock when they opened the doors. Now, the phone itself is proving to have a steep learning curve!! Had mine all day and its kinda hard to love so far, but Im committed to learning how to use this new berry!

  9. 9 Mr.Magoo

    I was told the stores were all out and ordered mine direct from customer service as an equipment upgrade. I was told it would be shipped on Dec. 5th. - 2 weeks from now. Oy vey, I hope it is worth the wait.

  10. 10 jayarre

    My local store in Baldwin Park, CA ran out of it’s massive supply of 8 right away. I paid for mine with the promise that it would be delivered tomorrow. Well its tomorrow and I’m complaining instead of playing. The person who sold me the phone used FedEx standard overnight shipping instead of priority overnight shipping which won’t get it delivered on a Saturday. When I went back to the store today to get my pound of flesh I was told the warehouse is empty and if you buy one today it will be shipped 12/15. The leader in customer satisfaction didn’t satisfy me. I knew I should have started my own cell phone company!

  11. 11 Cannon Faulkner

    Maybe they thought he was talking to his terrorist friend

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