Documents To Go gets upgraded

DataViz has released an update to their popular Documents To Go line of applications. Version 1.005 is available for both the standard (read: free) and premium (read: paid) editions of Documents To Go. Here’s a rundown of some new features in version 1.005:

    * Excel 2007 Support
    * Track Changes (view only)
    * Password Protection for Word and Excel (97-2004) [Premium only]
    * Inserting comments for Word and Excel [Premium only]

If you are a pre-existing Documents To Go user (or had the applications pre-installed on your OS 4.5 or higher BlackBerry), you can upgrade for free by selecting “Check for Updates” in the Menu while running Documents To Go.

After updating, OS 4.5 users will now find they have Sheets To Go, which had previously only come pre-loaded on OS 4.6 devices. DataViz is also currently running a promotion that will get you a free copy of PDF To Go if you upgrade from standard to premium.

For more information about the Documents To Go suite, go here.

4 Responses to “Documents To Go gets upgraded”

  1. 1 Paul

    PDF to go makes the price WORTH IT! Finally.

  2. 2 Curve User - CT

    Just upgraded to 4.5 last night, on my Curve 8330. Still can’t edit with Docs2Go. I thought you were supposed to be able to do that. Any advice? Thanks.

  3. 3 Jim

    I upgraded over top of the existing 4.5 Docs To Go and all I ended up with was Sheets to Go. Slideshow and Documents disappeared. Trying to fix it now.

  4. 4 KT

    Jim…If you figure it out, please share. Same thing happened to me. I went through several unsuccessful attempts at deleting, reinstalling and re-registering Docs2Go, to no avail. All the upgrade did (on my “free” version) was to install Sheets2Go, and delete the Docs & Slideshow. I’m using OS v4.5.0.77 (beta) on a BB 8830, if it matters.

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