• bill
    Here is the deal. My email was down for 18hrs - RIM advised my IT department to uninstall 1.2 as there is a known conflict that can take you offline. As soon as I deleted FB for BB it worked fine. I suspect that 1.3 is the fix. Probably took it down after the fix wasn't fixed. I would delete this from your bberry until the new version comes out - better yet buy an iphone
  • You guys are too slow!

    It looks like they've pulled down 1.3 and placed 1.2 back up, which seems a little odd since I haven't noticed a difference between the two. Hopefully it wasn't bug-ridden.
  • bigfetch
    "Friendly reader" was wrong apparently. I only got 1.2 as well. Or perhaps it's only available for certain devices?
  • Pomc
    Yup, just got 1.2 from the site, not 1.3
  • Jmartens
    v1.2 for me also.

    Did anyone actually confirm that 1.3 was released, or is it just hearsay?
  • Richard
    Yea me too.... still v1.2
  • alexnz
    I'm still only getting the option for 1.2
    What gives?
  • Changos
    Facebook posted this blog entry: http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=38212737130 I hope this new version has status comments.
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