Gary Krakow: Verizon should give away the BlackBerry Storm

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Gary Krakow, Senior Technology Correspondent for, posted an interesting article yesterday following Verizon’s official launch date and pricing announcement for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Krakow essentially argues that Verizon is asking to high a price for the BlackBerry Storm, pointing to it’s higher expense over the iPhone 3G (both are $199, but the Storm technically requires a $50 mail in rebate) and the fact that Vodafone UK is giving away the Storm 9500 for free.

Now, I’m all for cheaper BlackBerrys, but I think asking for the Verizon Storm to launch for free is asking too much. Yes, Vodafone is giving away the Storm for free, and yes it would be a great way for Verizon to build hype and stick it to Apple and AT&T. However, Krakow notes in his post that “I’m not sure it could ever match the same sort of pricing as Vodafone in Great Britain,” and he’s 100% correct. The market conditions are just not such in North America that Verizon can release a brand new touchscreen BlackBerry for free, especially considering American consumers don’t expect this kind of treatment like our European counterparts do.

Personally, I think that the rebated $199 price for the BlackBerry Storm is very solid, if not spectacular. Thoughts?

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  • BBFanatic
    People should really think twice before listening to this guy(Krakow).
    He says lots of really dumb things with no apparent research.

    This particular post of his led me to question his level (or lack there of) intelligence:
  • DavidB
    Current customers won't pay $500.

    So, you would leave the best network because the carrier won't give you a discount you think you are somehow "due", despite the fact that you signed a contract that stipulated just what you are complaining about now? If you think somehow ATT will treat you better you're sorely mistaken! What will you do (after signing a two year contract now with ATT) when Apple releases a new iPhone next year and you'll want it but ATT won't give you the "new contract" price? Drop them and go to TMO or Sprint (or back to VZW)? You're being silly you know, but to each his own!
  • Terri
    I can't believe current customers have to pay $500! I'm going to cancel my contrat and get the IPhone for $199. I still come out ahead. Not a good move on Verizon's part.
  • DavidB
    New Every Two.
    Based on the price of your current plan and gives you money off a new phone (up to $100) when you upgrade AND extend your plan 2 more years. You can find your status and when you are eligible (and how much) via your account page on the web site.there is also AU (Annual Upgrade) whish you can get earlier but not as much money off.
  • Jt
    what is the ne2 plan?
  • Krakow
    It pains to me to say this but for once I actually think Gary Krakow is right!
  • mzj
    The price of the storm is going to be $199 after rebate. None of VZW phones are Wi-fi capable at this time. NE2 $50 you pay $199 and get rebate. NE2 $100 you pay $149 and get rebate. That would make the new storm $99 bucks!NE2 $100 credit only on plans that are $80 or higher and its the primary line only. Eligible 9.99 secondary lines will pay $249 with rebate.storm will be in stores Friday nov. 20. There will be no holds the phones will go first come first serve. Not real sure how many will be available. Get there early.
  • Chris
    Does anyone know if this thing has wi-fi capability?
    It would be nice to be able to jump on a public wireless network when in range.
  • elevator guy
    Freaky, I have a phone that is eligible for an that the same as NE2? They told me that it was $249 with 50.00 rebate?
  • Jrob
    Reguardless of the NE2 discount. Best Buy is going to be selling it for $199 for both new and upgrade customers without the mail-in rebate.
  • mzj
    Why don't you just add a line to your acct. And activate the phone on your number? We do it everyday. If you get a discount through ur employer the Storm could be cheaper.18009220204 call them and ask.
  • DavidB
    The price is identical to past new Blackberry smartphones from VZW. Krakow is on crack.
  • DavidB
    He's not eligible for NE2 yet so he has to pay full price.
  • freakyguy666
    @addictedtoBB What the hell are you talking about???? Just sign-up for a 2yr contract and you'll have it for $99 with the NE2 deal. Where are you getting $500????
  • addictedtoBB
    I for one am tired of Verizon treating their customers like second rate citizens. I'd sign a 5 year deal just to get the price of the Storm that is offered. Quite frankly, I'm not interested in the over $500 price that a current customer is going to be expected to buck up for this. Shouldn't current customers be rewarded? It is actually cheaper for me to cancel my plan, pay the penalty, and sign up as a new customer just to get the Storm for a discounted rate. How does this make any sense to Verizon??? If they didn't cover the metro system tunnels here, I'd be on AT&T in a second. This is insane.
  • freakyguy666
    Funny how the guy conveniently forgets to mention the fact that the price for a lot of people is actually going to be $99 with the NE2 deal. That's $99! Yes, $99, and you never see anyone mention this fact!
  • TylerJames
    Wow the start of my previous comment was, how you say, inelegant.
  • TylerJames
    How can it be silly if it's in their best interest? It would be silly if it wouldn't be in their best interest. If it were silly then it wouldn't really be their best interest.

    Regardless... we have one of these devices in our office and after using it (and learning that it lacks wifi) I certainly wouldn't pay money to switch from my Curve. I'm waiting with bated breath for a Javelin 3G
  • Matt
    I think the notion of Verizon ever agreeing to give *anything* away for free is just silly. Whether it's in their best interests or not.
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