It’s official: Verizon BlackBerry Storm launches November 21st, for $199

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After months of speculation, Verizon has officially released the BlackBerry Storm 9530 launch date and pricing information. RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry will arrive November 21st for $199 on a 2 year contract, after a $50 mail-in rebate.

With this low price and the 8GB MicroSD card that comes bundled with the Storm, it’s obvious that Verizon is gunning for a showdown with AT&T and the iPhone 3G this Christmas. Alright, now it’s your turn Bell and Telus: give us dates and dollars.

  • Tylervzw
    Yes, you will have to add a 29.99 BlackBerry Data pack.
    it comes with Unlimited Data and Email.
  • storm lover E
    quick question, if i am due for an upgrade and i decide to upgrade to the blackberry storm, will i have to change or add to my plan even thought i already have the unlimited everything plan?
  • vzwtech86
    To mR742.

    Yes you will get that price, after rebate with a $20 early upgrade fee. make sure u r there early though to get it
  • Eric
    I'm very interested in the storm. But I am a little put off by some of VZW policies. I get a pretty nice discount through my employer, but they don't apply to any of their unlimited calling plans? WTF, typical verizon crap.
  • mR742
    VERY happy the phone finally has a solid release date and price, my final question is:

    My account states the following - Upgrade Status:
    Eligible for Annual Upgrade with discounted pricing.
    You will be eligible for New Every Two on06/03/2009
    Selecting Annual Upgrade with discounted pricing requires a two-year renewal and will impact your existing New Every Two eligibility.

    Do I qualify for the Storm at the $199 price?
  • Jabber Jr.
    About time...The question is WHEN can we order it Online? I recall with the Moto Q, you could order it before the Store Release date so you didn't have to stand in line outside a Verizon store and would receive it the same day.

    Anyone know when we will be able to pre-order Online at Verizon for delivery on Nov 21st?

    Jabber Jr.
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