Rogers soft-launching the BlackBerry Curve 8900


BlackBerry Curve 8900

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. It seems as though Rogers is very quietly rolling out the BlackBerry Curve 8900 to subscribers, with no notification being given to the press or sales employees. This seems a little strange, considering that a properly hyped Curve 8900 release could steal some of the consumer thunder (sorry, bad pun) from the upcoming Telus and Bell BlackBerry Storm releases. Here’s what’s known so far:

Soon Canadians will be able to exchange a cool $179.99 and 3-years of their life (with voice and data) to have the latest UMA-enabled BlackBerry. We’ve been told that those who don’t want a 3-year commitment will be able to get the 8900 for $499.99 on 2-year with voice and data and $549 month-to-month. Other than that we know jack all because there has yet to be a press release nor has there been any internal communication to management or employees.


Here’s the deal, it looks like the brand new Curve is out-of-stock for new activations. However, we have confirmed that those who are due for a Hardware upgrade have purchased the device already for $179.00. Rogers couldn’t tell me when they’ll have more 8900’s in stock for us regular folks, but if you’re due for an upgrade give them a call and let us know how it went below. We were told 3-5 shipping days.


Obviously, we’ll keep you informed as we (and Rogers employees, apparently) learn more.

5 Responses to “Rogers soft-launching the BlackBerry Curve 8900”

  1. 1 LouTreize

    Amazing Blackberry. I had a chance to play with it today and it definitely is a step up to the first Curve. Way-to-go. I’m still not a fan of the keyboard though. And **** ROGERS!

  2. 2 djoneiro

    Haha! I cant believe you always have to bash the Curve and Rogers. Nothing wrong with the 8300 keyboard, i really enjoy typing on it, then again, from what you explained, im pretty sure the 8900 would definitely be a nice upgrade to the current Curve. Cant wait to try it out! :)



  3. 3 Jeannie

    It would be NICE if we could get it on T-Mobile sometime this year in the United States, seeing as how Verizon and AT&T customers seems to get all the latest and cool phones, while T-Mobile customers are always left out in the cold, and I, for one, am sick of it!

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