“Storm vs. iPhone: which will win?” (Weekly Contest)

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The BlackBerry Storm has finally arrived!… In the United Kingdom, at least, with Vodafone shipping pre-ordered BlackBerrys today. Verizon’s November 21st announcement puts the Storm front just one week away from North American shores.

So it is now time to decide how the BlackBerry Storm, RIM/Verizon’s Apple/AT&T killer, will fare this coming holiday season. We know about RIM’s current market position and how much they need this device to succeed; we’ve heard the criticisms of Verizon’s pricing scheme. Now it’s time for YOU to weigh in.

Because the stakes are so high (and because we haven’t done a Weekly Contest in a while), we’re raising the stakes ourselves: giving away TEN FREE COPIES OF PEEKAWHO, a piece of software no BlackBerry user should be without. We’ll give away 8 copies to the first 8 posters (with relevant and insightful comments) and save the last two for the two best comments. What are you waiting for?

LAST WEEK’S WEEKLY CONTEST WINNER was Jim, who was thankful that his BlackBerry had saved his marriage. Enjoy your OtterBox Defender case!

  • JHerz6
    Its not hard to fathom why there are so many iphoneholics out there they were first or one of the first to introduce a touch screen device. However, Verizon was offered the iphone first before AT&T (Cingular), and Apple was turned down. Why because Apple would not let Verizon offer support for the iphone, which I think sucks because I dont know about you if I need support on an item Ive bought I wantg to be able to go where Ive purchased it not someplace else and second Apple would rather try and fix a problem and let the customer wait rather than take care of the customer and figure out what the problem was later.

    Also there are some very simple but annoying things I dont like about the iphone, one you cant replace the battery yourself when the one installed is dead and replace it with a fresh one, and then if the battery becomes faulty you have to take it in for service and have to wait for it to be repaired and in the mean while your without a phone, or if the battery dies your without a phone while it recharges. And dont get me started about its lame mms capability or lack there of.
  • Zunato
    iPhone and other future mobile OSX phone platform from Apple.

    Bottom line, iPhone is built on modern OS whereas BlackBerry device is bogged down by ancient OS platform. Yes, BB has the first comer advantage in business world with secure network. But at the end of day, OS and software are the most important component. Network is nothing more than dumb pipeline without OS (for next generation handheld computer) unless you are taking about simple phone. Any devices bogged down by ancient OS wont last very long.

    IPhone's potential for being handheld computer is only limited by current battery technology. Apple already has many API to implement many software features not possible by BB. Apple already bought chip company for their devices. They have all software and hardware components in place for next generation iPhone that BB, Symbian, Palm, or MS don't have.
  • Robert
    I just switched from the Iphone to the storm, I was feed up with the dropped calls and poor coverage. The Iphone is quicker and easier to use. The bottom line is if you cant make a simple phone call on it, what good is it. Sorry AT&T you just have to step it up.
  • Lead Business
    I am a big fun of IPhone but Storm looks nice
  • JHerz6
    Actually I will NOT agree that the blackberry is the worst phone ever. Its a very useful well thought out device. It serves the needs of bussiness people, and the everyday user. I dont think that the iphone is just the latest gadget, however it needs to make some serious changes if its going to compete with blackberry on a serious level. First of all it needs to make itself available from more than one carrier AT&T (Cingular) is the biggest reason I, and a lot of people I know did not buy the iphone. If the iphone had been been made available by Verizon I would have atleast tried it. The 3g version is supposed to be such a big deal. Its not when Verizon, TMobile and others have been 3g for quite some time. The iphone has only 13 percent of the market share and Blackberry has better than 50. So iphone needs to change itself so it can lead the pack, not chase it. Oh and by the way I did finish highschool and then some.
  • JL Andrade
    Even for people that finished high school will understand the
    Basic principle of basic needs. Today the iPhone delivers more than than the basics. If you started like I did so many years ago with cellphones, you will agree that that the blackberry is the worst mobile phone ever. That doesn't mean useless, it's just a necedsary evil, bit I hope in the next couple of years the bb will cease to exist or people realize that the iPhone. Is much more than the latest gagdet.
  • Lisa
    The decision of the blackberry storm verses the iphone will be a tough one. There are several people who swear by blackberry phones. I myself researched it forever and couldn't wait to get it. The waiting is to be blamed on my wireless carrier. I really want the blackberry storm or the iphone as they are both top notched touch phones. The problem is carriers control what we have which will unfortunately not allow this topic to be truly stated. If your carrier deals with apple you will choose the iphone as it is your only option. If your carrier deals with blackberry you will choose the storm as it is your only option. Unfortunately we our choice is restricted by our provider. No provider that I have heard of sells both phones, how interested that would be and then we would know which was the true choice. I think they both will be top sellers and remain that way as no one really has a choice unless they switch providers, which with contract rates is not always an option. It is sad that we have little decision. The iphone has a benefit of being an apple product, we have to admit apple is about the best computer one can choose and if you have the iphone and the apple computer you are as close to electronic heaven as you can get.
  • Bibi
    Once apon a time, a storm washed the apple away.
  • DavidB
    Adjust your keyboard settings. They are purposefully "mid" setting but you need faster.
  • _yc_
    SurePress in the QWERTY keyboard is mistake.

    1. Having to click the entire screen for each letter is a bad idea because having all the letters on the same "screen" button will actually slow you down.

    2. Using 2 fingers, if you type a second letter too quickly before the screen has come up from the first letter, the second letter does not register. (Try typing alalal... very quickly 20 times and see how may actually register.)

    3. Also, the QWERTY keys are close enough that you not very sure which key is pressed in the glowing area.

    Time will tell.
  • Lux
    As a disclaimer - I do not work for ATT.
    I often hear people repeat the mantra of ATT=bad service as if Verizon and the rest are superior? Maybe if you work for one of them and have a vested interest, especially in this economy. I've had decent service for years with ATT...only disappointment has been the no OS upgrade approved for BB.
    Re: secure email - my company does not support BB server based email but does have a Microsoft Outlook web based set-up that my Curve doesn't handle. I also can't access secure web-based banking connections. The iPhone does and it actually works on the road and through numerous wi-fi hubs. Maybe the Storm will, but who wants to pay the penalty to switch carriers solely to buy into a new phone with tepid features? Bottom line for me is that the Storm is not that different or better - especially considering the lack of wi-fi...kinda moots the whole 4G thing when most of my time I'm in wi-fi range anyway.
  • tatorabelo
    Blackberry Storm!!!!!
  • Xaroc
    Although i would love to say storm, bring a HUGE blackberry supporter, at this point in time, i think Iphone would take the cake, ask me 6 months later i will say storm. The reasoning for this is, the storm just came out, and in some places just comming out within weeks. Iphone has had time to work out all the bugs, the Storm has not.
    Anyone who knows their electronics know that the first generation release always at least a few minor flaws, Iphone had it, BB Bold had it, heck, the curves and pearls had it. So although i dont like iphone, based on usability at this point in time, if i had to buy one tomorrow it would be the Iphone, just because they have worked out all the kinks, but if a DID get iphone, you can bet you best penny that that i will be upgrading to the Storm after they have a few months to make a revised OS, work out a couple bugs, then i will buy it ASAP.
    Lets face it, working with a phone that has the potential to break down when you need it is never fun.
    Hope you guys like my answer.
  • pileosanfu
    One word: click
  • JHerz6
    I agree with MobileAdmin, not only is apple chasing rim as far as market share the are also just now coming out with a 3G phone when Verizon has been 3G for years. With that being said, Verizon is about to go 4G or possible LTE which again will leave AT&T (Cingular) in the dust. Like other people have said so you want a phone with music player, or a or a phone that can do it all and then some. Apple is the one who needs to come out of the stone age and come out with a variety of options for the consumer if the really want to break into the phone market and compete at a serious level instead of just playing at it.
  • Malik
    @MobileAdmin: Agree, people did switch to ATT for iPhone but no one is now going to move to Storm from iPhone or G1 - the two major Touchscreen phones that made market before Storm. True that Apple has only iPhone while RIM has many other models and thus carries the major share of market but the question here is whether Storm will take over iPhone, and IMHO I think it wont.
  • MobileAdmin
    Umm didn't people just switch carriers to get the iPhone the past year or so? The beauty of Blackberry is by this time next year the BOLD and Storm (along with their planned 2009 models) WILL be cross carrier while Apple will still be tied to at&t.

    Bold is a solid device for those that prefer the classic pda form factor. Not everyone wants a touch screen only device. Do we all use one laptop / pc model? Why do people have this fixation that there will be only one smartphone vendor and Apple is the likely heir? Last I looked they owned 13% of the market compared to 50% for RIM. Who's chasing who?
  • Malik
    Although some may have doubts that Storm may win this war but iPhone is going to be an eventual winner here, at least for the new future. We have seen many smartphones come and go and there is yet to be one that could seriously compete against iPhone's mature and solid operating system, multi-touch technology, slick and unique design. G1 one came close to iPhone but it is far from winning the competition. Unfortunately RIM is a little too late in the game and Storm is just not going to cut it. But it definitely will put some pressure on Apple to keep iPhone up to pace.
    I know many business users who are restricted to Blackberry (secure email) and thus can not own iPhone are looking forward to getting Storm but I dont think you will that many people switching their network carriers just to get Storm (even after disregarding Verizon's pricing and feature disable actions). If RIM is serious about winning back the share, they have to launch GSM versions of the touch-phone and not just for one carrier.

    P.S. Bold is just a distraction
  • Chase
    It all depends if you want a music player(iphone) or a small laptop(storm).
  • JHerz6
    Because the storm is not available from AT&T (Cingular) it does have a chance, a better one then you may think. It would not be smart bussiness to have two highend phones competting against each other by the same carrier. Even though I was interested in the iphone for me it IS about the carrier and weather you call it AT&T or Cingular poor service is poor service.
  • Lux
    If the Storm were made available by ATT, it may have a chance.
    For me - it is about the carrier.
    I could care less what phones Verizon or Sprint have because I am committed to ATT with 4 separate phones and plans.
    I currently have the Curve, but plan to migrate to the iPhone because of it's better web access and the fact that ATT has suppressed (not authorized) the OS upgrade from Blackberry.
  • JHerz6
    Its sounds like there are alot of iphone fans out there, however a very few if any have had any exposure to the storm. What I have noticed recently with my friends and people around me they are more and more getting away from conventional phones and going to higher end higher quality phones. I think once the storm hits the street this friday, and gets exposier it will give the iphone a serious run for its money, in the corporate world and for the average joe like me.
  • Dennis W
    In the corporate world, the Storm will win over iPhone easily. For user without the need of secure connection to corporate emails, iPhone will still be the choice for most. Typing on the Storm is better than iPhone. But that alone is not enough. Storm needs a more capable browser to compete with iPhone. Storm also need WiFi. It is ridiculous without one. Although Storm will not unseat iPhone as the smartphone of choice. It will however keep its dominance in the corporate world.
  • Aaron
    I think that in the Short Term, through the holiday season, BB Storm will be on top. The iphone has been out for awhile, and has become stale. The current financial situation, doesn't help either phone out. The Storm will be the new hot item to have this holiday season. There are tons of iphones out there, but there will not be as many blackberry storms. I think another big draw will be the tactile feedback of the Storm. The ability to touch the screen and feel like pressing a button, will be a big draw for a number of people. It's like a mix of the latest and greatest in touchscreen smartphones, with the comfort of the smartphone/cell phone you used to use that had all the buttons, that actually moved when pressed. I think this is one major stumbling point for people who are interested in switching to touchscreens. I think many are afraid of how different from a normal button cell phone, the touchscreen would be. It reminds me a lot of people who are used to using a desktop computer, and then switching to a laptop. If you are used to using a mouse, it will take you time to adjust to using a touchpad. The same idea applies to going from a phone with buttons, to one that uses a touchscreen. All, in all, once the holidays pass, I expect things to even out early next year. Sometime Feb-Apr 2009, things will settle down, and there will be a level playing field between the iphone and the Storm. Until then, my bets will go on the Storm beating out the iphone.
  • David
    While I think that the storm will be a popular device, this Christmas season I still see the iPhone taking the sales.

    First of all, the iPhone has had more advertising and has more stock available in stores. Availability is key to volume, and volume is the key to winning this Christmas season.

    Secondly, unlike readers and posters here, most customers are not technically minded, and do not read up on hardware specs or user experience. Most of these customers walk in and here "this one does email and browse the web, and so does this one".

    And Finally, the iPhone draws attention as being and iPod as well. iPod has become the defacto standard for music device, so tying these together will do well for Apple.

    Now, before you think I am an Apple nut, I am not. I just purchased a Blackberry bold and I love the blackberry experience, but these details are lost on most.

  • Andrew
    Marketing wins...and we all know Apple is the king of marketing, hands down, no argument. Because Apple as a brand is so popular, the iPhone will always be looked at as the "cool" thing to have. What does RIM have? They will always be known as that company which manufactures handsets to enterprises/corporations so no one is really looking at the Storm to be that "cool" device to have. To be honest, the Storm still looks like a enterprise device and not a consumer device.

    Love my BlackBerry but it won't overtake the iPhone, it will just stunt the hype/growth.

    (Once Apple releases a product and dominates, it's really hard to stop the hype - look: iPod)
  • Freako
    Here's my prediction after using both devices. iPhone will win in the "consumer" market, but RIM will make a HUGE dent in iPhone's "consumer" marketshare....I think RIM will close to gap to be within 10% of Apple, and that would be good enough. WHY? RIM will rule in the "business" market and anyone who has to be productive. Apple is very proprietary in nature and will be stuck in their way of doing business and for that reason they will only be able to tap maybe 25% of the business market....and that's being very generous. If you want proof, just look at everything that they don't do: sealed device (can't replace battery); must use iTunes, must use their cables (can't use ordinary USB cables), must use their app store....these are all things that they make money off of (dead battery-replace unit, sales on cables, 30% profit on app store, fee if you want to develop for them). And these are all types of things that will lead to business never using them, because it will be too costly to do so. So, their model if great for them making money...which they are....everytime they come out with a new device (YEARLY), however, corporations will never follow that "consumer" pattern.

    Also one other KEY KEY thing that iPhone doesn't have that nobody seems to mention are the keys on the device that Storm has, most importantly a Menu key. Think about it...Etrade and now TD Amertrade, along with a bunch of other companies only have apps for Blackberry, why?...because of that menu key. The menu key provides shortcuts to everything and developers love it and iPhone is the only touchscreen that doesn't have it...Apple doesn't get it. If you have used any of these applications, you know what I am talking about. Be patient on the first day with Storm, and remember when you touch the screen it's selecting the char, you must click it to enter the selection. Once you get use to the clicking part, you'll be on you way to loving your device.
  • ASJ
    I'm going to say the iPhone will stay on top.

    Why? Service costs. It's no doubt that Verizon has some of the best/most reliable coverage in North America. And it's not doubt that their customer service is 'award-winning-ly' good. But what Verizon is also known for is expensive service plans.

    Everyone keeps comparing the phones. What they are NOT covering is the cost of the service plans. Verizon has the most expensive data plans in North America. Compare the cost of owning 3G service with AT&T versus similar service with Verizon and the price of the Storm or any Verizon ’smart’ phone is almost 3X as expensive.

    At the end of the day, both phones will still surf the inter-tubes, unclog your emails and play all of your pirated music. But when the $250+ Verizon bills comes people are going to say "oh, so THAT's what the AT&T subscribers were complaining about when the iPhone first came out."

    My $0.02
  • Ernie
    iPhone has the edge just because its seen as a must-have consumer device while Blackberry has a bit stogy, get-to-work business image. Since the consumer market is way bigger than the business market, iPhone will sell the most units.
  • Josh
    Having fans does not necessarily make Apple bad, nor does it necessarily mean that one's view of the product is skewed. In many categories, the notion of being populist is in and of itself a success. When people made fun of Excel users and lauded Lotus 1-2-3 as being a better "business tool," they were fighting against a populist movement that turned out to be every bit as valid. It is, in fact, those that hate on Apple that are probably the most skewed.

    Looking at a recent JD Powers study of business users, iPhone outranked BB in most every category, but more importantly (as you can't take it too seriously, being that they didn't compare it against the 3G Bold or the new Storm), they ranked the keyboard, as an issue, lower on the list than the Web experience, email ACCESS, Bluetooth and UI. That ranking of important features will remain, even with the new devices. The truth is, BB is right to assume that business people are people, too. But Apple is also right to focus on the experience and brand over issues like the keyboard.

    My personal feeling is that there's room for both and each will sacrifice in different directions: Apple will prioritize the overall experience and the worker bees will suffer slightly - and not care. BB will prioritize the workers and the overall experience will suffer - and they won't care.
  • DavidB
    Funny...it was only a matter of time before the word got out and the Apple worshippers found this post. Anybody ELSE notice a definate early trend toward Blackberry in the initial comments, but as this post starts getting more popular expect even MORE iPhone fanbois to drop in a talk up their Apple religion.

    Come on, I'm supposed to take SERIOUS a smartphone that can't have two applications active simultaneously? My web browser has to close in order for me to answer an email or take a phone call? Apple has made some wonderful products over the years (and I've used 'em since the IIe), but iPhone is a toy, not a serious tool for people to rely upon for getting real productivity.
  • JHerz6
    Honestly I have wanted a touchscreen phone for quite some time, and I was not willing to change providers to get the high end phone that I would want. Especially to AT&T (Cingular)which provides such poor customer service. The iphone has has some nice features but there short comings make it not worth it to me, for example something as simple as not being able to change the battery at will which makes it inconvienent if the battery is dead or near dead and having to charge and leave behind or put it on the car charger and putting stress on an already limited battery. I think initially it will be slow for the storm I think but once it gets out there it will blow the iphone out of the water.
  • ghostzapper
    I'm curious to know when we'll have information from Vodafone on the success of the launch. I'll be watching news this week concerning Verizon's invitation only receptions throughout this coming week. I live in Alberta and will await the debut here for Telus. I am a RIM shareholder and am watching the success of the launch. I'm hoping the launch will be successful and accordingly I will be making my first phone/smartphone purchase a Storm.
  • David R.
    Oops. Missed Ghostzapper's comment with my last post. Good points. But I actually think Apple will be far better positioned post-ATT than RIM. Right now there's only one iPhone in one form factor on only one carrier. You really think Verizon is going to say no to marketing the iPhone, especially if it's a cool new form factor? And do you really think Verizon will keep the Storm ahead of the iPhone in its marketing budgets? The real onslaught for RIM will come when it's surrounded by iPhones on all carriers. By then Apple will have all the negotiating leverage, not RIM, which is falling in marketshare and survey satisfaction. Yes, you can't always trust surveys, but it's hard dismiss three supremely respectable ones coming up all iPhone.
  • ghostzapper
    All sorts of hypothesis can be made in a bear market and the period pre-launch of product. In a couple weeks channel checks will be a whole lot more reliable than hypotheses.
  • David R.
    P.S. The "toy" this holiday season isn't the iPhone but the Storm. At least that's how RIM is marketing the Storm——releasing it as a novelty on Black Friday in a desperate bid to rack up sales before Christmas, after which sales will PLUNGE. That's NOT a big window of time, people, and you can expect a larger share of returns than normal for RIM devices with the Storm. That is why RIM is furiously working on the Storm 2 and Storm 3 and Magnum Bold/Storm -- they know just how abysmal their sales numbers will be when they report them next Spring. By then, however, the name of the company may well be Microsoft, which already is preparing the tender off now that RIM is going to be scraping the bottom at $40 per share.
  • ghostzapper
    I wish we knew more about the respondents to the surveys in the first paragraph of the aforementioned post. Surveys and statistics can do a wonderful job of lying.

    All of the comparisons reminds me of those comparisons of years ago....John Deere vs. Case and Ford vs. GM. There is a big difference here however when does similar comparisons with the Storm and iPhone. The smartphone pie is less mature.

    I agree with the poster 2 back that a big hurdle for the iPhone will be its exclusivity agreements.
  • David R.
    The iPhone has already beat the Storm, hands down.

    First, it passed Blackberry as the No. 2 smartphone in marketshare worldwide. Second, it was ranked No. 1 in terms of quality and customer satisfaction by BUSINESS users in the latest J.D. Powers quality survey. Third, the latest SquareTrade study found the iPhone to be TWICE as reliable after one year than any Blackberry.

    But forget all these independent, third-party verdicts for a moment and let RIM's own actions speak for themselves: RIM has gone out of it's way to undercut the Storm by announcing the Storm 2 and Storm 3 for next year, basically admitting failure to top the iPhone BEFORE the Storm even comes out! Why would RIM do that if it was so confident?

    The answer, of course, is it's not. I've played with the Storm and found while it has much to be admired, it's neither an iPhone NOR a true Blackberry. It's a weird piece of mish-mash that will satisfy neither iPhone fans nor true BlackBerry fanatics who appreciate the physical keyboard that seems to have reached perfection in the Bold, which, alas, lacks a full touchscreen, just like the Storm inexplicably lacks WiFi.

    What was RIM thinking with these mediocre phones like the PearlFlip, Bold, Storm and Javelin Curve? By "mediocre" I don't mean "bad," because they're all good devices. But nobody is shopping for a good device these days. They want the game-changer. RIM got cute in splitting key features among different phones for different carriers. As a result, not ONE of their models has what the iPhone has: 3G, WiFi, Full Touchscreen, etc.

    And Apple isn't standing still: iPhone firmware 2.2 is coming in a week, just in time to steal some more thunder from the Storm.

    Or should we call it the Drizzle?
  • MobileAdmin
    If you want to guage this strictly # of devices sold I would have to say Apple will get that. The itunes ecosystem is very tight. Apple is less a computer company then a media company. I'm sure if Jobs could find a way to put out the iPhone without having to use a carrier network he would.

    RIM the past 2-3 years has been trickling out consumer friendly devices to gain brand recognition. Apple wins this because they market like crazy - any given day you're bound to see an iPhone add or some new article will somehow manage to invent some new catagory iPhone has "won".

    RIM makes devices that just work, the more you get familar with the device you learn how it's easy to use, most functions can be done one handed. They have always valued having strong battery life and anyone who travels recognizes the value of an extra couple hours for calls / email.

    The internet (as with PC's in the 90's) is a huge draw, combined with the digital age of music/video and you see Apple was very smart moving the iPod line to smartphone to appeal to those who wish to "gadget consolidate". RIM meanwhile has been taking their platform and keeps improving it's feature set. They appeal to different market ends - Apple with the consumer / iPod group and RIM with the corporate users who value robust email/PIM functionality and for administration all the tools you need when you have to consider moible extension of your data / applications. Apple faces a greater challenge as they have zero identity in the corporate world other then those graphics / marketing types who won't give up their Mac. It's not a revolation that Apple came out with a killer device for internet and media. It's what they do. Look at the device to mirror typical Blackberry usage and it lacks as a workhorse for the business user. Mostly due to some features are just not possible and others need to be developed.

    I browse the AppStore weekly and 90% of the content is junk, it's fast becoming the GameStore as there is little business applications on there and those that are solid already are on Blackberry. I love that Apple is showing Loopt, yeah that was on Blackberry early this year. RIM needs to get out and be aggressive about what they can do and are doing.

    Sorry this has gone on - but I think the breakdown will be such:

    Enterprise - the Storm will outsell iPhone at least 2-1 if not higher as it's on a network business like, the devices plugs into BES and will have all the standard security features we like to have.

    Consumer - iPhone will outsell Storm or at least be even until RIM can get the STORM on other carriers (at&t, Sprint) to broaden it's market share.

    Apple made a huge mistake locking to at&t (who BTW are not too happy with Apple lately). The truth is no other carrier will comply to Apple's terms, so it will be interesting how Jobs will start to accept he has to give up some things in his crusade to be a media giant.
  • PLindsey
    See when it comes to the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Storm, both are amazing, but heres the thing, Apple, really can't do anything wrong and is just plain out amazing, kinda like a platypus on steroids, although, where they went wrong was not offering the iPhone to Verizon Wireless, dummies what were they thinking, the largest network not having the best phone, idiots if you ask me, which is why i think the storm will prevail. Now a quick background but i am a devote mac person, everything i own is apple, and yes even my underwear are marked! but I'm with Verizon and won't deal with at&t's price for the iPhone and i will be getting the storm as soon as i can get my hands on one because the storm offers a few things that the iphone doesn't, oh ya and because its not stuck on a stupid network!! but I do hope to see apple get smart here soon and drop their at&t contract!!
  • Marcus
    I can't wait til next Friday so that I can get my Storm. I have read so many blogs and it appears that the Storm is definitely the best out there for my needs. I currently have a Moto Q and definitely want to stay with Verizon.
  • _yc_
    The iPhone has already won and the Storm is not enough to catch up.

    The user interface in the iPhone is the best and will get better.
    The iPhone is feature rich with all the Apps available at the Apple AppStore.
    The usability and aesthetics on the iPhone are the best. Usability and consistency are most important to users.

    For example: If you remove everything in the iPhone except the Phone/Contact application, it will still be revolutionary because of the user interface. The way you set up conference calls, the way you merge calls or swap the keypad, the way you put a call on hold or mute, the ergonomic placement of the buttons is simply amazing.

    I predict that RIMM will soon port its push-email platform to Apple's iPhone.
    As a native application on the iPhone, it will perform better than the current Java base environment.

    Time will tell.
  • seth
    THe Storm will win because it should have more of a mass appeal. As pretty as the IPHONE is, it is not a business phone; the blackberry is. Furthermore, the iphone, even with the app store still generally appeals to the casual user. THe Storm has nearly everything the iphone does and more. Although, we will have to wait a little while to see how applications stack up.
  • toe
    Some of those comments are begging for the promotion.

    Blackberries are classier. Iphone users in the business world flaunt themselves in a way that says, I'm just here to play with my phone and mess around.

    Blackberry users still play, but at least we do it with class.

    Blackberry has a good name not even our beloved Apple can topple.
  • Techftw
    iPhone - Good

    * Wi-FI
    * Endless Applications - All applications located in a central place (this is something that rim and verizon might do well also)
    * Software based
    * Great syncing with a MAC
    * Great ipod media function
    * Full qwerty keyboard in landscape and normal view.
    * Application support for Full Social networking (pretty much any site you use has a application to access it and any messenger service has a application to use it)
    * VNC - Application to remote control Computers VNC
    * Full Computer networking suite application's Including things like Ping, Traceroute, Password generators, Bandwidth testers etc etc.
    * Excelent picture sorting and syncing.
    * Data - Plan is really cheap. (being matched by verizon)
    * Multi-Touch Screen.
    * Can play and store any song from your iTunes library.

    iPhone - Not so Good

    * Data on edge and 3g is pretty slow.
    * Email lacks alot of basic functions (like marking more then one message at a time as "read")
    * You cant legally customize your theme.
    * You can't do data and voice at the same time.
    * Applications have to close before you can move onto something else (so if your logged into instant messenger and you get a phone call your logged out of the messenger)
    * When you have more then one email account on the phone the badge icons on the mail can really add up fast and you can't mark more then one message at a time as read so it can be a slow process.
    * You can't replace the battery on your own. Your forced to go through Apple.
    * No video recording.
    * No flash support Yet in the browser.

    Storm - Good

    * Email will be great - this is a blackberry so I would think that the email is going to crush the iPhones email. (you get true push email from any email acount that supports IMAP or POP. Basically what this means is your phone will not have to fetch email or go get the email. Email will come in like a sms text message just appears on your phone. Good by to ever needing a text message plan.)
    * The network data is going to more then likely be faster.
    * The phone can be tilted in any direction for viewing. (correction it has 3 orientations)
    * Higher quality picture on screen.
    * You can replace your own battery.
    * Expandable external memory. (up to 16gb + you can have additional cards)
    * Video recording capable.
    * Higher MP camera.
    * Data and voice at the same time.
    * Security - Blackberrys are known for there security of data.

    Storm - Not so Good
    * Full qwerty keyboard only in landscape view.
    * Less applications in a central location. (this will only be a problem early on)
    * The phone is mostly hardware based. (meaning a firmware upgrade cant change how the phone works completely it can change and fix functionality but only to a certain degree) (I see the main problem is being only 1 gig of internal storage when things move to a memory card there is less things you can do with it)
    * Blackberrys are typically known for there (business purposes) (this has changed from what I have seen this phone has a possibility of having alot of fun factors)
    * Can only sync songs from iTunes that do not have DRM.

    Further saying I am changing to the storm because of the reliable push email service that rim provides even on BIS it exceeds the current email service that the iPhone offers to standard non business users.

    I truly believe the choice will be preference based some people will buy the storm because its new and some people will bu it for legitimate reasons. Some people will hate that the entire screen is a button and some will love it.

    I don't think the phone has nearly the hype as the iPhone did when it launched however that doesn't mean that the hype wont grow insanely in the coming months.

    I can remember when the iPhone came out there was hardly a person that didn't know about it and with the storm this isn't the case. (this isn't do to the product itself I believe this also has to do with current economy issues)

    Anyway I would really like to win a key to that software seeing as this is my first blackberry I will get however If I don't win its cool hopefully this info will help someone

  • yoyobo
    iPhone will win this battle, its a well marketed product with the benefits of looking good, app store, internet friendly with page rendering and speed. It is still a consumer market out there and as much as we love an iPhone killer, it only just builds up there reputation as being the best consumer product out there. The Storm is marketed for consumers and until we see a proven web browser experience and the launch of an app store; the ideas of push email and better security are not a high priority for them. (eg. cut and paste, such a simple thing to leave out but it hasn't stopped people from buying them.)
  • Chris Rea
    I got one word for this battle......crippled! Who is and who isn't.

    The network and quality of service will always play a role in who is victorious. Hey, the iPhone is all glitz and glam.... BB is all meat and muscle. Period. A product is only as good as the expectations.

    Someone should tell Apple and AT&T!

    Need I say more? Didn't think so! Hit me back after the jump off.
  • Skweez
    I am somewhat of a tech junkie. I like gadgets and have had the opportunity to have had most of the hottest cell phones on the market. With that said, I'd like to give a little insight to the iPhone vs Storm debate....


    I currently own an LG Voyager with no data plan. I do NOT open the browser. I do NOT use VZ navigator. I simply use this device to make and receive calls as well as text message. Let me explain how I got to this place. My wife bought me an iPhone as an anniversary present (true tech junkie) when they first hit the market. At the time I was with Sprint and had a Treo 700. I was only a year into my new contract, but figured the iPhone was worth an extra $175 on top of the $600 for the phone. I had never owned an Apple product, so I wasn't some Steve Jobs loyalist. I have to say, the iPhone was the BEST phone i had ever owned. It was reminiscient of owning my first Star Tac (yes, I'm old school). I loved the look, feel, and function. Great pics, directions (i have no sense of direction), google maps (no need to dial 411) and of course, that beautiful multi touch screen. So, if I loved this phone so much, why don't I still own it? Well, here's point number one in the iPhone vs Storm debate: CARRIER. Yes, it IS that important. Now, you're going to have crappy connections and dropped call with all carriers, however, AT&T certainly has some work to do. Second point, that SLOOOOOW Edge network. I know, I know, there's the iPhone 3G. This brings me too what I like to call, the GOTCHA factor. As a tech junkie, I decided to get the new iPhone 3G. So, I go to the store and they tell me that I HAVE to sign up for a new two year contract. I'm thinking, that can't be correct, but alas, it was. No matter what the price of the new iPhone, there would be no way for me to pay for it flat out without rolling back to a new 2 year contract. GOTCHA!! I quickly declined, and sold my iPhone on Ebay. Took the proceeds and went with The Network. However, after using such a joyous piece of electronics that the iPhone was, and that top notch surfing experience, I was loathed to use any other browser. I was determined to wait until someone produced a phone that would make me WANT to use all of its features. At this point, it seemed the HTC Touch Pro would be the phone I was waiting for.......


    I was assigned new duties at the job and was given a Blackberry Pearl. I had never used a Blackberry due to the impression of it being a "business" phone. Well, was I PLEASANTLY surprised. Although I am not a fan of SureType, the ability to receive instant email and the fluidness of a scroll wheel I was hooked. I almost didn't mind that it didn't have a touch screen. So, now i'm looking to see if there's a touch screen blackberry. Of course there has to be. Everyone else has a touch screen. NO NO NO. There was not a touchscreen blackberry on the market. I was sooooo disappointed. But then my sorrow turned into pure jubliation as I trolled the net and heard about the Blackberry Thunder!! Imagine, the ability and response of a blackberry, with a screen as beautiful as an iPhone, I was in tech junkie heaven!!! I paid closer attention to the bits and pieces of information about the Thunder, than the Presedential election!....


    The Blackberry Storm is going to win from the standpoint of RIM. They are looking for a device that will bring in the throngs of consumer users, and this is it. On the other hand, there is no better marketer than Steve Jobs in this digital age and therefore the Apple iPhone will win in having a healthy share of the business user market. Because I have not had the opportunity to spend any hands-on time with the Storm, I'll have to withhold my final verdict until I do.
  • gixxerjoe
    One of the best iphone storm compairsons I have seen was put together by a member of pinstack named skelzer. (Sorry mods not trying to adveritse another site just trying to give credit to the person who took the time to compile it) It is mainly a list of what the storm can do vs. what the iphone cannot. But here it is.

    "Storm vs iPhone
    (aka: Storm DOES have, iPhone DOES NOT have)
    :- 3D click-through screen (capacitive touch PLUS tactile click)- MMS (TXT messages with pictures attached)
    - ability to record videos- WMV video support
    - WMA audio support- 3GPP RTSP website audio/video streaming- copy/paste via multitouch- better camera (3.2mp vs 2mp = 60% improvement)
    - 2x digital camera zoom (vs none)- camera flash- camera autofocus & image stabilization- better screen resolution (480x360 vs 480x320 = 12% improvement)
    - full QWERTY keyboard (PLUS SureType)- second mic for active noise cancellation during phone calls
    - removable/replaceable battery- better battery life w/ 1400 mAhr (5.5-6.0hrs vs 5.0hrs = 10-20% improvement)
    - replaceable metal backing (vs plastic, non-replaceable)
    - MicroSD memory card expandable up to 32GB
    - 10x hard buttons (4 front, 2 top, 4 side)
    - voice-command dialing
    - global phone: CDMA/EVDO.A/UMTS/HSPA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM (works on VZW and includes a SIM card for travel abroad)
    - true, lean email push w/ compression (vs battery draining ping-pong workaround)
    - DOD-level encryption and security (with remote management via BES or Unite)
    - syncronize contacts, tasks, memos, calendar with Yahoo! PIM, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc- save attachments & send attachments from media card or internal memory
    - open PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT files- invite attendees to calendar meetings
    - ability to use any music manager (vs iTunes-only restriction)
    - high-speed PC modem via USB tethering
    - third-party application multitasking (aka background applications)
    - Assisted GPS for turn-by-turn voice navigation with third-party applications
    - mass storage mode (allows drag/drop of files via Windows Explorer)
    - BlueTooth 2.0 with stereo headset, A2DP/AVRCP audio streaming, file-sharing, wireless printing, etc- horizontal charging dock for "clock mode" and movie viewing
    - better Verizon contracts and cheaper price plans
    - better 3G network (Verizon EVDO Rev. A vs AT&T HSDPA scarce coverage and slower uploads)
    - open architecture app install (vs Apple collecting a buck for EVERYTHING you buy)
    On AT&T, spotty 3G coverage requires the WiFi alternative...VZW 3G coverage is everywhere, hence no need to compensate with an additional chip that would raise prices and reduce battery life.
    iPhone, game over."

    I have to agree with him game is pretty over when looked at in this perspective.
    Now apple has been 2nd to none in making a truly great device and being the first to do it. My hat is off to them.... On the other hand RIM has pulled their head out of the sand and reconized that bussiness users are normal people too. They want a device that can incorparate their personal needs into one device. You can work or play. In doing so you will attract an entirely new market THE YOUTH OF AMERICA! RIM has been testing the waters with this with the launch of the pearl, curve, bold, ect... Look how RIM advertising has shifted. They have done a pretty good job of starting to penatrait this market. So my conclusion is RIM wins becouse they have built a better more capable device. Will it out sell the iphone alone. We will see.

    It links are alowed I will post back to skelzers origanal write up.

    Cheers- gix
  • Ian Collins
    The Storm will emerge victorious. The reason being is that it very useful in both business and play. The Iphone was not constructed to be a great business tool. It is hard to fathom that Iphone would come out on top. It is a phone with an mp3 player,first, and a quasi smartphone next. I mean quasi because non smart phones have internet access as well as e-mail. The Storm is a business device first, and a device to entertain next. BlackBerry is known for its securtiy. The Iphone has already shown security problems. Blackberry has always been the standard, and will continue to be so.
  • Wifiguy
    The iPhone is the winner. They are the innovator and Rimm is the copycat. The Storm will sell alot of units but folks will not be waiting in lines for hours like the Apple faithful do.
  • xskitzo2010x
    I think in the end, the phone that wins out will be the one that the application companies back the most, if they make awesome iphone apps, but leave the storm lacking, then the iphone will be more popular, this kind of concept already was applied to the blu ray vs. HDDVD war, with the most backed format coming out on top. I don't think that either phone will be eliminated like in the format wars, but it is a good concept to think of.
  • ghostzapper
    Storm (Blackberry)
    - battery
    - appeal to enterprise, pro-sumer or pro-sumer wannabees
    - on appearance I'd give the nod to the Storm
    - global relationships with many carriers
    - fewer product offerings are exclusive relationships with specific carriers
    - security of email

    iPhone (Apple)
    - halo effect of brand especially with teens
    - head start of apps store
    - a narrower product offering, focus...focus...focus

    I am a RIM shareholder and it is highly likely that my first phone/smartphone purchase will be the Storm. I also own Rogers stock, however, it is not immediately clear when the Storm will be available through them. I will be awaiting the pricing model from Telus when they offer the Storm in early December as per rumours and perusing reviews in the interim. If the reviews are outstanding I'll be in line for the Telus offering of the Storm.
  • RedMonkey
    I think in the end the Storm will win out, but not right out of the gate. There is a segment of mobile users right now that isn't being served by either the current RIM offerings or the iPhone. Rather than this just being an iphone vs Storm debate, I think the success of the Storm is going to come from word-of-mouth referrals from early adopters who will be able to not only tell, but demonstrate to people that this phone can in fact do it all and be a strong solution for not only business users but a regular guy as well. Mobile users have been looking for an alternative to the usual smartphone vs. dumbphone dilemma, but keep that last purchase of the "do it all" device fresh in their mind, and are hesitant about feeling screwed again. So, this time around, they will be cautious at first.

    They want a robust email client on their device with the ability view and edit Office docs on the go without sacrificing the convenience of MMS messaging, crisp, decent resolution pics, and video recording capability. Many people thought they found the answer with the iPhone, only to later find that they are running into limitations on the device that they took for granted on other devices...Dropped calls, poor coverage, no MMS messaging, no cut/paste, no zoom on the camera.) The Storm is the device that solves these problems. 3.2 Megapixel camera, flash, video recording, MMS messaging, cut and paste (yeah, I said it!), media capabilities, and all the standard RIM features that let you be away from your office but not truly out of the office.

    I can't tell you how many people I see carrying a smartphone or berry for work, and a dumbphone for personal use. RIM seems to be the first company that "gets it," and has realized that the device you need for work, and the device you need for the rest of your life CAN exist in the same package. People blindly went to AT&T when the iPhone was released thinking it was the answer to their problems (some people even gave them 2 chances with the iPhone and the 3G releases). With people begging out of their contracts after being told things like "dropped call rates up to 20% are normal," I doubt they will be as critical of having VZ Navigator pre-installed on their phone if their phone is available 20% more than before. Afterall, you pay 100% of the bill every month, why not get to enjoy 100% of your calls? We all know Verizon isn't perfect, but no carrier is. But when people are exposed to what the Storm offers, when all others come up short, $199 is going to be a small price to pay for convenience and reliability. It may not happen right away cause the wounds from past promises are still fresh in their mind. But, when they see that new device their buddy picked up the other day, and how it does all the things their smartphone..or their dumbphone...or their iPhone CAN'T do, the pendulum will start to shift away from the iPhone into RIM's favor with the Storm.
  • DavidB
    Whichever (iPhone, G1, Storm, Xperia, etc) can capture a retain third party development will win. But the wildcard is Verizon. If they neuter the Storm's abilities for 3rd party apps, Storm WILL FAIL. Verizon blindly thinks all their is to location based services is navigation and finding coffee shops. If that mentality persists under Storm, FAIL. Verizon, free the GPS for the wealth of 3rd party LBS apps or you lose this round.
  • tritan
    I feel the Iphone will win due to the overwhelming amount of consumer backing and the large app/itunes store. Rim can't compete on this level yet. I think to many people have it in there minds the "blackberry" = business and for the most part is does but Rim is trying to change that. Companies who have current blackberry don't upgrade there phones like consumers so this will make it interesting in the future to see if Iphone can get into this business market like RIM.
  • ch3tzy
    The winner is already apple in my eyes. It all comes down to who brings out the handsets first in my opionion, far to meny have switched over to the iphone from different networks and will be tied in for a while yet befor they can even consider going for the blackberry storm.
    In the UK the volume of people who have switched networks just because there network didn't get exclusive rights the the iphone means they had very little choice even if they where happy with the service the network provided. It just comes down to who can bring out the handsets first£
  • Azazello
    software will win; it is not about form factor, features or mere design...
  • Clone212
    The blackberry wins hands down, the iphone is terrible to use. The only reason people keep using the iphone is that they are too ashamed to admit that they have wasted so much money on a over hyped piece of junk.
  • Largeselection
    I think the storm will win. The verizon customers have been waiting for a phone like this since the iPhone came out. The lack of wifi probably will not be a major damper as most Blackberry users have them for email, BBM, other messaging options, which this phone has in spades. I think the launch of a successful app store in March is going to be critical to the success of this phone. Especially now that apple is advertising the iphone app store so heavily. As far as hardwear is concerned, the storm is better, but it needs the software to back up its impressive frame.
  • Cynthia
    I think that the Iphone will continue to dominate in the short term because it has such a head start, but that the Storm may catch up or overtake the Iphone in the coming years. The lack of wi fi is a major flaw in the Storm, and it is discouraging some users who are going for the Bold instead. Personally, I think that the keyboard design is superior over the I phone and that Apple will have to improve the e-mail capabilities of the Iphone to compete...i.e. cut and paste feature, and ability to edit documents. The next generation Storm (with WiFi might be the device that takes the I phone.
  • nick Knudson
    Having always been anti-apple, and having a blackberry pearl under a Verizon plan, I still have to admire what apple has done with their iPhone. Apple has succeeded with creating a device that has been such a success that other companies are essentially copying their design in order to compete. Of course touch screen interfaces are nothing new, but apple took the next step and threw it into a handheld. I do have to admire RIM for not exactly mimicking the design and creating this clicky touch screen. Aside from the interface apple has set the standard for application delivery with its OTA apple store. And of course, we cannot forget that the phone branched from their iPod line, meaning it was built with music in mind. RIM has attempted to build off this model and fring to the table its much more business like qualities, because let's face it, iPhone push mail leaves something to be desired. Of course, RIM's biggest downfall would be the lack off multi-media functionality, which your average business man would not care about, but which looses appeal to younger crowds who want the newest device. RIM also has an uphill climb trying to compete with OTA software delivery. There are lots of OTA sites, but it needs to be consolidated into one store front. Verizon has the fastest network in America and the device has been fitted with world phone capabilities, taking the best of both worlds and appealing to the traveler. The one thing that annoys me with Verizon is the locking down of GPS and wifi. This fight is up in the air, but I am predicting that the storm will take the cake with the exceptional business capabilities such as push email, though it won't be an easy fight. There are still many things that RIM has to incorporate to compete with the already established iPhone.
  • freakyguy666
    The Storm. Simply because it is CHEAPER. It is being given away FREE throughout Europe. And in the US the Storm will cost most people $99 since they will use Verizon's NE2 program. Add to this the fact that the Business Enterprise users have been prevented from using a touchscreen phone by their IT guys and you have a massive pent-up demand from these business users who have had "touch-screen" envy for the last 2 years.

    It's over. Storm won.
  • Ryan
    Blackberry already has a stong hold on the corporate market, so that base is covered. Now it adds a sexiness factor that general consumers will be drawn to. The iPhones texting/email buttons are too small. Storm wins.
  • Firewater
    I've been following the trail of Storm news and actually did analysis once on the launch of the iphone for my job. The Storm will succeed because of the following reasons
    1) Its a business phone, and the secure push email will win over the IT dept.
    2) Its a world phone, and that's not a claim many phones have even today
    3) Verizon is taking time launching it, ensuring all the bugs are fixed (according to news reports) - unlike the bold
    4) The marketing for this has been fantastic - the stealth around the product making the blogs go crazy (3 to 1 over G1), the launch party, the deliberate news feeds, the sudden massive explosion of advertising, etc. will make this succeed.
    5) Blackberry now presents a viable option of 'cool phone' and 'business phone'.

    However, I don't think it is a question of 'beating the iphone' - two different segments will buy the phone. I don't think your college kid that wants to have his ipod and phone combined will buy a Storm, nor will your strong business user ever buy an iphone for work. How this succeeds for Verizon and Blackberry is stemming the loss of customers leaking as a result of a device. For Blackberry, this is now a platform for a whole different type of phone too.
  • Frank
    Well I have to support clients with iPhones (trying to connect to their email) and at least for that I think the blackberry will win hands down. I also find the keyboard on the iPhone very difficult (anyone with bigger fingers will understand). I have not used the Storm yet but I can't wait to get my hands on one.
  • Melissa
    It will be the storm. The iphone keypad is horrid. It is a pretty device, but not very useful. I found it hard to move around in and get to anything. The BlackBerry has always been great at being great to use. Who isn't going to at least want to try it out?
  • Shao
    I think many users will quickly realize that in addition to the multimedia phone, which is what the iphone is, that the Storm is also a practicle business device. You have all the strength and security of the previous RIMs previous products proven over the years. MobileMe for example is an extremely new service with its sumbling blocks. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
  • melissÀ
    I think it should be the storm. The iphone is pretty to look at, but its hard to use. And if you need to type on the iphone you are in trouble. While I would never use verizon for my phone service, I think the storm looks awesome. Everyone wants to give it a poke and see what the keyboard is all about.
  • Turk54
    For anyone who has used a keyboard and goes to an iPhone, you really want to go back because of the tactile feel of actually hitting the keyboard. My own example is that I just can't type on the 3G without having to go back and correct and correct and correct. Having a the actual feel of pressing the screen and getting a response will win out for the seriously minded user. Give me a Blackberry any day!
  • JLater
    I think the Storm will have quite a bit of success (specifically in the States) since there are many Verizon users who have been hesitant to move over to ATT (even with the iPhone) due to our perception (and probably the truth) that the ATT network isn't as fast nor as reliable as Verizon's. I have been loyal to Verizon mainly because I have been happy with the coverage where I live (NYC) as well as when traveling around the country. Knowing I will have a signal (a good one) means the most. I think many users who haven't moved to the iPhone feel the same. I don't know if the Storm will Kill the Iphone, but it should put a large dent in the iPhone's growth rate. I know I will be outside waiting early on the 21st.
  • Josh
    I don't think there will be a clear winner in this competition. I think that even though the iPhone is trying to move in on the business market, RIM's stronghold there will prevail. However, the iPhone clearly has a an edge with the consumers who just want a flashy 'cool' phone. It's like the iPOD, there are much better mp3 players out there, but Apple has all the accessories made for the iPOD giving it a strong consumer place. That won't work in the business market that required function over flash. So I think the Storm will sell extremely well, but I don't think it's an iPhone killer by any means.
  • Kurtis
    In the short term, iPhone will win. It has the momentum and is the hot item. Over the course of a year or so, BlackBerry will pick up steam and show some dominance. It will be easy for existing BB users to switch so once they are comfortable with the unit and their IT depts. clear the model for use (my team already has said it will take about 6 mos before they clear it) it will emerge as the winner.
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