Top 5 BlackBerry Bold Accessories

It’s Wednesday, November 5th, which means by now Americans have finished waiting in two lines: one to vote and one to pick up their AT&T BlackBerry Bold. For our friends down south waking up to a new President and a new BlackBerry, we’ve compiled a list of 5 accessories you need to help maximize your Bold to the extreme!

MicroSD Card
Trust us, with all great multimedia features on the BlackBerry Bold, 1GB of internal memory isn’t going to cut it. We recommend the SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC card (with a MobileMate Micro Reader) for all your image, movie and music storage needs. If the $60 8GB model is too much, there’s also a $50 4GB model available.

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC Card with MobileMate Micro Reader
SanDisk 4GB microSDHC Card

Bluetooth Headset
Even though the BlackBerry Bold has great call quality, most power users will still need a Bluetooth headset. Most people are vary particular about their Bluetooth headset, so instead of trying to find one to satisfy all your needs, we’ll just point you to the most popular line of headsets in the BlackBerry Cool Store: The Jabra Bluetooth headset line. Below you find links to the $70 BT8040 model and the $20 BT2040 model.

Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset
Jabra BT2040 Bluetooth Headset

A Spare Battery
Let’s face it: with the new breed of 3G-enabled, multimedia BlackBerrys, one battery just isn’t going to cut it. For the BlackBerry Bold road warriors out there, a second batterry is a must. You might as well go ahead and pick up a travel charger while you’re at it.

Lithium Battery For Blackberry Bold 9000
BlackBerry Bold 12V Auto Charger

BlackBerry Dock
Every BlackBerry needs a home, and the Bold is no exception. A dock or ‘cradle’ allows your BlackBerry Bold to charge while keeping your desk tidy, with the added bonus of turning your Bold into a handy clock. BlackBerry Cool enjoys the stylish design of the $27 BlackBerry OEM charger, but if you want a USB data connection, you can’t go wrong with the $25 Premium Multi-Function charger.

BlackBerry Bold Desktop Charging Cradle Pod [OEM]
BlackBerry Bold 9000 Premium Multi Function Cradle




OtterBox Case
The BlackBerry Bold is the Cadillac of BlackBerrys. Would you go driving a Cadillac without an airbag? No! So you need an airbag for your BlackBerry, or the next best thing: an OtterBox case. If you’re a reckless driver, you can go with the super protective Defender Series line, or choose the more sleek and stylish Impact line that was announced yesterday.

BlackBerry Bold Defender Series
BlackBerry Bold Impact Series





If you have any other great BlackBerry Bold accessories ideas, please post them below in the comments!

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  1. 1 SingStar

    Not trying to plug here but you can get 8GB SD Cards for $30 or less! Canada Computers is a good place for these. I’ve used Kingmax for awhile I find with SanDisk you are paying for the brand name…

  2. 2 Astral Weeks

    8gb? What about the 16gb cards that the bold can handle? I just got one for 70 bucks on ebay.

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  1. 1 Yeeehaw! It’s the sister site Round Up! at WindowsMobile Cool

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