Verizon BlackBerry Storm online shipments delayed until December 15th

Ugh, I’m betting this news will give Verizon subscribers a case of the Mondays. One business day after their launch of the BlackBerry Storm, Verizon has placed a notice on their online ordering page stating that “Due to limited availability of the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone, orders will ship by 12/15.” Ouch.

It looks like your best bet for getting a BlackBerry Storm before then is to pick one up in-store. Check out our BlackBerry Storm launch day page for information on a store near you with the goods.

33 Responses to “Verizon BlackBerry Storm online shipments delayed until December 15th”

  1. 1 Bruce Chantry

    Went to two Verizon stores on Saturday here in Ohio. Both said they were sold out by noon on Friday, and are also being told their orders placed on the warehouse will only be filled around December 15th!

  2. 2 Freako

    Verizon is saying that all orders will be shipped by 12/8 now. DATE IMPROVED!!!!

  3. 3 Junabelle

    No….what sucks is I tried to buy the Storm on Friday…obviously they sold out of them. Cool no problem, I waited in line and ordered it and they told me it would arrive no later than Tuesday. Okay, fine….but then I read some articles and they say, “If you ordered you Storm before noon on the 21st you MIGHT recieve it before the 25th. Any ordered after 12pm on the 21st may come in before Dec. 5th….Any ordered Saturday on won’t be delivered until Dec 15th! How crappy is that! So I called Verizon to make sure this accurate. First they tell me no…no 12 pm but 1pm…BTW my order came through at 12:50pm exactly. But they couldn’t give me a tracking number. So then I’m like can I cancel my order so I can get a different phone, no they say because I have to physically recieve the phone to cancel it. What?!? It’s taking a lot of me not to march to a Verizon store and demand that something be done. But, what can I do? It’s not really Verizon’s fault..RIM just didn’t supply enough or there was a call back or whatever. All I know is I want my phone, and I wanted it when it was promised…before Thanksgiving. =(

  4. 4 lookin4adream

    Junabelle I would call back and complain! Threaten to cancel… that’s almost the only way they will act to help you as a customer!

    I’ve had similar issues, I placed my order with Verizon telesales at 11am on the 21st and was told it would ship on 11/25. I’ve called a few times before today looking for a tracking number and trying to change the shipping address. That was the first hassle… they (CS) told me they could not adjust the address, but they would submit the request to another dept which would be handled on a first come, first serve basis… fine. I called today 11/25 (the day it was SUPPOSED to ship) for the tracking number and to check the address. The rep, George, who is horrible, told me it would not ship until 12/8 now because the order was not entered into the system until 11/23! Now, I know Verizon has had issues with their systems going down and that the back order is partially out of their control, but do you not think this should have been told to me the last two times i called?! Instead every rep I spoke to claimed everything was in order for an 11/25 ship date. Well I proceeded to attempt to cancel the order… Junabelle I feel your pain… they told me the same thing, I have to WAIT for the delivery and send it back to cancel the order. Of course I complained and told them i have the opportunity to pick up a phone at a local store, so the rep called the store to verify and then proceeded to tell me that he had overridden the other order so I was good to go…. after all the lies I’ve been told I still believed them. Guess what happened when i got to Best Buy… you guessed it, there was a hold on the upgrade due to the other phone order. The poor Best Buy rep had to call Verizon and explain this whole situation… turns out GEORGE the liar Verizon rep did NOTHING like he said he would. So, after an hour of being on hold they supposedly put in the cancellation which is going to take another hour to process. I’m sitting in a Panera down the street from Best Buy waiting for the call that this has been finished.

    Sorry for the long ramble, but I needed to vent to others that have been having Verizon Storm ordering issues. I sympathize with you all, and good luck!

  5. 5 Junabelle

    Dear Lookin4adream,

    So…just when I thought I lost hope, I’m glad to know someone else is going through the same thing! However, your position is way worse in my opinion. I think I would definetly have to cuss someone out. But I’m sorry to say that I recieved a phone call today at 6pm….they finally have a track number and it’s being delivered tomorrow morning! I guess calling everyday and complaining worked out. But…lookin4adream I feel that you should go to where you ordered it (it seems like you ordered it at a store) and demand some kind of compensation. How do you order something on the 21st and it’s showing that it was order on the 23rd!?!? So, do tell, do you end up getting the phone from Best Buy?

  6. 6 Julyabelle

    Junabelle, I can tell you that your complaining did indeed do you some good. I called my local verizon store thursday before the release to ask how many they had in stock (25) and what they expected the demand to be (very high). They (the local store) suggested that I order my phone online Friday any time from 6:00AM on, and get overnight delivery. So I ordered my phone at 6:00, probably completing my online order by 6:15AM. I just got an Email a few hours ago saying that my Storm will ship within a few days. This contradicts the Email I got Friday before noon saying I was processed, and the phone would arrive in 2 to 3 business days. I was expecting it to be in my hands by now (Wednesday afternoon.)
    I suspect I’ll get a phone earlier than December. It’s disappointing to see that the phones are not on a first come first served basis, but instead on a ‘biggest complainer first served’ basis. (nothing personal. I’m glad you are getting the service you expect.)

  7. 7 Alejandro

    Its been a mess with this storm i work for the company and still waiting for mine that i have ordered. HOpefully the fulfulment can be replenished so far anything placed on or after 12/1 will not be shipped till the 25th of december which is stupid the company is pissing off customer and losing business, but yeah anything ont he 21st orders after 1 pm should be shipped by the 25th of november and anything orders on the 22nd of november before december 1st should be shipped by December 15th, but threatend to leave u will get it sonner trust

  8. 8 sean

    yeah im pretty sick of the run around as well it seams as if all verizon cares about is new customers.i took the 21st off just to get the phone n geuss what i walked away with nothing. so i called to order the blackberrry storm the agent said it would be billed to my acct. after hearing all these horrer stories i just called to check my order and the agent acted like it was his 1st day working in the call center honestly i think im just going to purchase the samsung omnia. and if theres a run around on that phone i will just cancel verizon and go with the iphone.we’ll see whta verizon thinks about that.

  9. 9 Elizabeth

    same thing here..they keep giving me 9000 different stories, first of all it says that my order has been processed and you should recieve it in 2-3 business days on the order status website. AND there was money taken out of my account! I called today and they said it was SUPPOSED to be shipped out on the 25th and it still was not shipped out because of backorders. Now instead of them saying I will get it by the 5th they are saying the 8th! It is pissing me off because if the were not going to have enough then they should of not allowed online ordering. I just can’t believe I ordered my phone on 11-21 before 12 pm! And I still didn’t get it! They should give everyone discounts or free accessories or something for this hassle!

  10. 10 jon

    So i order the storm dec. 1st. had them just put it on the monthly bill. They took the money out of my account. I have a order number, and when i try to look at my online order online it says theres no record of it. I call and reps. are a F’n joke they dint know anything. all there saying is the 15th the 15th the 15th. My thoughts about that is that if there is this many people who ordered it a week before myself and they wont be getting until the 15th. Then im sure i wont get it on the 15th or a few days after. As Alejandro stated above any order after the 1st wont arrive until 25th!! I hope thats not true. If so i will defiantly be getting some free shit if i have to wait almost a month after sending $600. This is ridiculous! I can not believe they didnt have another batch ready to go a few days after the release.

  11. 11 Ted

    **ELIZABETH** you said ‘it’ said your order was processed, which I assume you mean from the VZ website. Can you please tell me where you are looking on the website because I am getting the same thing JON is that ‘there is no record’ of my order. Thanks.

  12. 12 Kyle

    i ordered my storm a few days ago and it says it’s been processed and i should recieve it in 2-3 days, but they didn’t give me a tracking number or anything. wtf is up with that?

  13. 13 Ted

    Kyle where did you read this?

  14. 14 Kyle

    go to the website, then wireless then check order status and put in your confirmation number and it should tell you.

    but i just got off the phone with them, and the lady said that’s a default thing it says for every order. but since it’s the blackberry storm, that’s not going to be correct. she said my order hasn’t been shipped, and the latest it’ll ship is the 15th but more than likely it’ll ship earlier than that, probably on the 8th.

  15. 15 Ted

    I just tried it and it doesn’t recognize my order number. So I hope it is in their system.

    The lady at Verizon told me that it will be no later than the 11th and that it will not ship tomorrow, Friday (not sure how she knew that) and that there are no shipments on the weekends. So that leaves the 8th as the next possible date.

  16. 16 pennstater_mayo68

    ugh, i feel all your pain..and every single posting seems 100% accurate as to what I’ve gone thru, and I’m a lil relieved to now know i’m not the only one beyond eager to get this phone.. good luck everyone :) hopefully well all be lucky and get it before the 15th

  17. 17 jon

    Ted by any chance did you order you’re storm over the phone? That is what i did and thats the reason my order number doesnt register in there system. Just call and they will give you the run around over the phone.

  18. 18 Ted

    Jon, I bought mine in the store. Is the online status only for over the phone orders?

  19. 19 jon

    no the online status is only for online orders. I have no clue about in store orders. I would just call this number (800) 256-4646 and when you eventually get to talk to a customer service rep. give them you’re order number. Or just call the store you order it from and do the same.

  20. 20 Ted

    Thanks Jon. I will give the store a call. Good luck in getting yours,

  21. 21 David

    well just like all of you i really cant wait any longer for the storm. I ordered my phone on the 30th so im hoping i made the dec 1st cut right? im curious as to who has gotten there phone already. any reports of people getting theirs before the 15th? feel free to email me.

  22. 22 jon

    nope not yet. The reps. have told me it will ship the 15th, 8th, and before both of those dates. But yet no phone so we will see…..

  23. 23 Ted

    I got my tracking number last night and should have my storm by tommorow.

  24. 24 Kyle

    yeah i got my tracking number at about 6pm last night and my storm should be here by tomorrow, woot.

  25. 25 jon

    BAH! i hate you both :) congrats!

  26. 26 Ryan

    I ordered mine on the 4th… ummm … so when do yall think i will get mine? I figure yall have a better idea than any verizon person I talk to! You guys actually went throuhg it. I went into the store and ordered it. Thanks!

  27. 27 jon

    well I ordered mine on the 1st, I actually just got my tracking number and it will be here on the 10th. so i guess 5-10 days? Just call the store or the number I posted above every couple of days and see what they say.

  28. 28 Ted

    Got mine.

  29. 29 Michelle

    I ordered my by phone on Dec. 6th. Does anyone have any idea as to when I will receive my phone? I have called everyday since then and I think they look at their notes and not the system, because they answer too quick, “by the 15th”. HELP!

  30. 30 Glenn

    I also ordered mine on Dec 6th and i was given an order number and a location number( whatever that is) and when i go to the Verizon site to check the status it says check back later. I hope that it will be shipped tomorrow the 15th because i am sooo anxious and growing impatient.

  31. 31 Marc

    I ordered mine on december 2nd and i got mine on like december 10th but the thing with mine is the serial code with mine was messed up so they have to ship out another one, but we won’t get another shipped to us until they recieve the one they already have, I looked on and it said it was recieved and so i called them up and they said that i might recieve mine 5 days into the next year… im am so pissed a vzw

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