Verizon BlackBerry Storm to launch November 24th?

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At this point, it doesn’t really matter when the BlackBerry Storm launches, as long as it comes out before Black Friday. However, BGR has posted a Verizon slide indicating that ‘Storm Chasers’ may be able to get their touchscreen BlackBerry of choice a few days before that.

* 123 corporate Verizon stores will be “pre-launching” the device on November 20th. That means that the 123 stores will have Storms in stock to demo for customers and to pre-order the device for them. This is only for high-end VZW customers, and people that got the mailing that went out. The general public, as we’re informed, can not just “mosey on down.”
* November 24th (and November 25th?) is the general availability date which includes corporate sales, telesales, and indirect dealers.

BGR goes on to say that final pricing would be $199 with a mail in rebate, coming very close to what we had posted earlier today. Hopefully it’s all coming together for the Big V, and everyone can get a nice early Christmas present.

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  • Kelsey
    i hope it comes out on the 24th and costs $199!! soo many people will buy it if they price it like that
  • Chosen Media
    Just got off the phone with Verizon Wireless, talked to a rep that said "I don't know a release date or a price and I can't tell you November 24th at $199 with mail in rebate" he then asked "Do you understand"? I wanted to say NO, explain it to me in 3 different languages! But he was being nice, not rude. Gotta go. That's my experience in The Storm. Can't wait. I am getting 2, 1 for my lovely wife. Holla if you hear me.
  • nick
    tarheels...don't be foolish. its a fake...
  • Tarheels
    I hope this is what we have been waiting for.Lets hope Verizon finally makes this happen
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