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Nan the Power User

Welcome back to Nan the Power User, where I blend my passion for BlackBerry use with a bit of a business twist. Today, we’re going to talk about a mashup that I use to minimize my email clutter by using Viigo, my RSS reader of choice. If you are confused about what RSS means to you, look no further than the excellent video explanation from Common Craft. No time? Here’s the quick rundown. Similar to push email on your BlackBerry, instead of you going out to your favorite websites to see if there is new information, the data is pushed to you from your choices.

Even though many of us in the BlackBerry Nation love using Viigo, there are still those companies and organizations that send out email newsletters and updates. What I’m excited about is being able to dump those email updates and newsletters into Viigo, so I can minimize the clutter in my inbox. To do so, I use a website called Mailbucket allows me to convert standard email newsletters (actually just about any email) into an RSS feed. I then plug in the RSS (XML) feed into Viigo. So now I not only receive newsletters, but I have also chosen to receive Google Alerts on myself and my clients via Viigo. If you haven’t set up Google Alerts for yourself and your clients, you are missing out on a great opportunity to be a more important part of their lives. When new articles appear for each of your clients, drop them a line to congratulate them on their hard work and achievements; you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll be the first or the only one. This type of honest appreciation for their work can mean the difference you need to beat out your competitor, because you’ve branded yourself as an asset. You should know what information is available about you on the Internet. It gives you a great opportunity to quickly fix any information that may be incorrect.

Another benefit of using Viigo is the timely coverage of important events that it provides. Some of the coverage that Viigo provides includes election coverage, WES and BBDC. These special additions allow attendees of these events to better schedule their conference sessions. Typically, these updates are available with a special download from Viigo.

How to create an RSS feed via

Say Ashley would like to set up Google Alerts for herself as an RSS feed. She would do the following:

    • Come up with an original name for her email that others might not use such as (it will always be
    • Go to Google Alerts (, fill out the form and enter the email address as
    • Now, she would go to Viigo > Add Channel > Enter URL > then she would enter (she could also enter a custom title, such as Google Alerts – Ashley)

One more thing, don’t lose all the feeds you have set up and customized. Your feeds are portable and will come with you as long as you set up a user name and password. Not sure how? Go to the Menu > Options > Account and complete the registration there.

As a special treat for all you Power Users out there, here’s a look at how Viigo will look on the upcoming BlackBerry Storm.

Do you have a great way you use your BlackBerry for business that others may not have thought about? Is there a better way of doing what I did? Drop me a line, I might love it and write it up!

Twitter: @nanpalmero
Blog: The Salesby5 Blog and Nan Palmero | BlackBerry Power User Blog
Email: nanpoweruser|AT|gmail|dawt|com

Nan Palmero is Chief Inspiration Officer at Salesby5.

  • Rick Ciampa
    Very interesting read :D
  • Marcelo Bulgueroni
    Hello Nan, GREAT way to use Viigo, never thought about it. I knew I always underused google alerts but feared my mailbox would explode. Very, very smart. Putting that to work TODAY. Thanks and congratulations!
  • Joshua Baer
    Yes Ryan - you can definitely do this with OtherInbox. Every OtherInbox address has a number of different RSS feeds that you can use - global ones with all of your messages in them as well as separate RSS feeds for every website that sends you email.

    You can also take any RSS feed and pipe it INTO an OtherInbox mailbox.
  • Ryan Kelly
    Nice article, Nan....however, the example phone appears to be that one you don't like with the "virtual keyboard" :)

    I suppose you can use this strategy with otherinbox, right?
  • Hey friends. Viigo just added some new Power User functionality, with free e-books to read! You can check it out at the link below:
  • nan palmero
    Thank you all for the great feedback. Also, @changos great info on the Google Alerts, I'll be sure to check it out. Be well BlackBerry Nation!
  • Rob Losch
    Another great article Nan! I switched to another RSS reader on my 8130 recently but as I expect to get the Storm when it comes out I will likely be switching back to Viigo. These tips make it an awesome choice! Thanks for the article. Digg away!
  • Changos
    Great Article, btw Google alerts now supports RSS feeds, so you can omit the part about setting an account @ mailbucket.

    Althought the idea of mailbucket is cool, offers a great alternative, and there is no configuration needed.

    kudos for all the great work done @ blackberry cool.
  • kb
    Viigo is by far the best app for the Blackberry. I'm always reading from my favorite feeds. The travel part is very helpful for picking people up at the airport. Weather is handy too.
  • Kirk
    Great post --- I have been looking for some sort of solution to change listserve emails into an RSS feed. Obviously, this will work with any RSS reader, such as Google Reader, etc. as well.

    I love the idea, but I went and reviewed the site and it is not clear to me that they keep the messages secure. Is there any solution which provides a password protected feed? I would need to be sure that private listserve messages are not picked up by some scraper and published on a website somewhere. Any thoughts.
  • nan palmero
    I bet I can find a cool way for you to use it, hit me on twitter and let's chat some more. :)
  • LouTreize
    Haha, traveling. The only traveling I do is between general ledgers, excel and calculator. But it's good to know when the boss comes back from a trip. Prevention is key.
  • nan palmero
    Hey Lou, it is a fantastic app that I use regularly. The flight status is awesome if you travel, too!
  • LouTreize
    Great article Nan. I never got into Viigo, or many other great programs offered from 3rd party developers. I should reconsider and support!
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