Viigo thanksgiving tips for staying connected

What do people do over the Thanksgiving weekend? Simply put, most follow sports events, travel to see family and enjoy a great feast (or two). Use Viigo to make each of these activities more enjoyable.


Sports: Whether a fan of the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football or Basketball or the NHL let Viigo be your guide to scores, game times, pre and post game analysis and more.

[Update: The NFL themes banners that are shown in the screenshots are not a service offered by Viigo but rather ads that were being shown at the time of the screen cap.]

And to support your beloved team, download your favorite NFL team theme by clicking on the banner in the top left corner of your favorite NFL channels.

Travel: Once you’ve booked your flight be sure to add the info to your Viigo Flight & Travel service. Stay current with the status of your flight so you know if you are going to make kick off.

Weather: Knowing that you are heading out of town, why not add the destination city to your Weather service? That way, you know whether to pack a parka or a rain coat.

Food: What is more synonymous with Thanksgiving than food? Get great recipes on Viigo by adding one of our food services to your News & RSS service.

To add the food channels, within the News & RSS service select to add a channel , choose Interest & Lifestyle from the drop down menu. Next select Food & Recipes. This will provide you with channel options to add. Alternatively, you can add your own channels from the “Add your own channel” option.

Books: After a day of travel and a big meal it may be time to relax and read a good book before you go to sleep. Viigo is your answer to this need too. Have a look through the library of Holiday reads, short stories and books.

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  1. 1 Nan Palmero

    Oh Viigo, you never cease to amaze me. :)

  2. 2 ParkyPark

    I am very impressed with Viigo. Even thought it is still in Beta, it is amazing and so fast.

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