FIVE new Vodafone BlackBerry Storm videos

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UPDATE: Umm, make that five new videos. We’ve just added videos from CNN and after the jump.

It looks like everyone and their dog has gotten their hands on a Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500, which launches in the UK on November 14th. Following the 4 minutes of BlackBerry Storm video heaven we posted about yesterday, no less than three other UK mobile sites — KnowYourMobile, MegaWhat and T3 — have posted their own videos. Of the three, MegaWhat’s is probably the most informative, while KnowYourMobile’s demonstrates what purchasing music through Vodafone’s store will look like. We’ve put T3’s first, however, for two reasons: it features a super cute British tech nerd, and she calls the Storm a “stunning piece of kit.” Bloody brilliant. You can see the other two videos after the jump.

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