Nintaii for BlackBerry - first accelerometer game for BlackBerry


Fresh off of our review of Nintaii for BlackBerry, where BBCool JB gave it a stellar 4 out of 5, I was contacted today by the fine folks at Mobigloo. They wanted to let me know that Nintaii was now available for BlackBerry Storm users - and is likely the first BlackBerry Storm game to make use of the accelerometer. You can check out the video above demonstrating Nintaii’s addictive gameplay, or read the review below. I can’t wait to see more games which make use of the BlackBerry Storm’s potential.

Nintaii for BlackBerry Reviewed
Nintaii for the BlackBerry Storm
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4 Responses to “Nintaii for BlackBerry - first accelerometer game for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Josh

    ok, I went and bought this game for my storm. Now how do I make it use the accelerometer to play? All I can do is use the touch screen.

  2. 2 Nikolaus


  3. 3 benjamin

    I’m having the same problem with Nintaii and the roller ball game. The accelerometer seems not to be working. Why is this?

  1. 1 BlackBerrycool, Nintaii disponibile per BlackBerry Storm « P@ssioneMobile

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