BlackBerry Storm OS 4.7 upgrade now available?

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Our boy Kevin over at CrackBerry just received this email:

I just received this email from

Bundle An upgrade of BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.7 is available. This upgrade includes optimizations and enhancements approved by your wireless service provider.

Note: If your device is associated with an email account that uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, contact your administrator for more information about upgrading. is available for your device.

Go to to upgrade.

We’re away from our office, and thus from a version of Internet Explorer needed to download the upgrade (where’s that Mac compliance, RIM?). PC users, quickly, hit the link above and let us know if BlackBerry Storm users have an updated OS 4.7!

  • Saul
    My thoughts on all this: I'm very disapointed with RIM's first version of the software. The phone just sucked I was very disapointed because it was also the cause of delayed deliveries and not enough phones for people. This irritated most if not all of us. If you want one, the soonest time you may have it is the 15th with new software. The storm is a great phone even with the tiny bugs. The software will make it almost perfect, i can't wait. E-mail me if you've got questions about the phone, charges from the phone companies or any questions on any phones and services, email: i will answer your questions as accurate as possible and get to the bottom of them. Debating on what phone to get? Talk to me. I'll help you choose fairly without taking sides depending on the phone or company etc. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Mail me, goodbye. :)
  • Saul
    I was asked a couple of times why there is a new software when the phone JUST came out. What i know is that for a fact, there is new software that fixes problems that get irritating at times, some were the phone being slow, the phone automatically turning off and re-starting itself at random times for no reason. The update also makes the phone way more accurate on touch selections and faster for sure. It fixes other small issues that people found bothersome, about this i dont know too much. All i know is that it is working so much better than expected. That should be exciting, considering how bad it was at first, i had to switch back to my lg dare to have a phone that atleast worked. My storm even had the screen sunk in at the top, this was not supposed to happen because the screen does not respond if it is in this condition. The update does not fix this so verizon agreed to mail of a totally new updated phone. Anyway, that software should be out the 5th at latest it will be the 8th of december. So if your storm has got problems, fix it. if it does not get fixed with this, verizon will gladly exchange it at usually no charge.
  • Quinn
    As Adam has stated it is an update for the Bold (aka 4.6), it is upgrading my Rogers .92 to .162, strange thing is that I just did an upgrade through the same site about 5 days ago. Must have been approved recently by Rogers perhaps?
  • Angie
    Sorry, no update yet - just plugged in my BB to check for updates nothing. BUT has "leaked" the upgrade which is due out SOON (i'm hoping by the end of the week)
  • Adam
    It's an update to the 4.6 - not a new 4.7.
  • galen
    yep, update, only email lies!
  • Aaron

    ^for a screen shot of what it told me
  • Aaron
    nope thrown for another loop thanks again rim
  • Stephanie
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