The Source offers Pearl 8220, Curve 8310 for $0, BlackBerry Bold for $99 (‘Cool Deals)

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I don’t know if this is in hope of invigorating slow holiday sales due to a stagnant economy, or if certain BlackBerrys aren’t selling so well, but the important part is that they’re cheap.

The Source by Circuit City currently has a Friends & Family promotion, which offers the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 and BlackBerry Curve 8310 for $0 with a 3-year contract and minimum $35 plan. In addition the BlackBerry Bold is being sold for $99 on a 3-year contract with a $45 minimum plan. Remember, this is the device that was being sold for $399 a few short months ago.

Nothing much else to say here, other than that it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter. Get ‘em while they’re cheap!

|via MobileSyrup|

  • Allen
    Is it too late to get this Friends and Family coupon? Is it possible to just print it off?
  • Matt
    It's probably related to the sources Chapter 11 filing in the states.
  • Kevin
    It does however pay to buy your phones at Costco. I bought the Bold when it was first released for the regular $399, but they automatically give you $100 in gift cards (making it $299), a free charger and spare case, and a 3 year refundable warranty for $50. 1 month later they reduced the price to $299, and they gave me a price adjustment. And again, another month later they dropped the price again to $199 ($99 after the $100 gift cards) and again they refunded the difference.
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