Bell BlackBerry Storm 9530 $249.95 on 3yr term


On December 2nd we reported that Bell was looking to be competitive with Telus and price its BlackBerry Storm accordingly. At the time, Bell was shifting back and forth between a $199, $249, and $299 price for the Storm on a 3-year contract. Well the Storm is up on the Bell page now and it looks like they went smack-dab in the middle and chose $249.95 on 3yr term. To find a store or see more details, head over to the Bell page here.

6 Responses to “Bell BlackBerry Storm 9530 $249.95 on 3yr term”

  1. 1 Laz

    Oh, very nice. what would be better is if Telus or Bell would announce a freaking release date.

  2. 2 matt

    So far all i can get from bell is it will be releasing in the december teens (exact words) and from telus they told me the 18th. As for now im gonna stay with the 18th cause alot of people have come back with the same answer from different provinces.

  3. 3 matt

    I just called bell and they now say that yes telus has released the storm to public and that they will be doing so on the 15.

  4. 4 louise

    why are your people are so high price for the blackberry storm when someus can not enough it at all with the money that we make in today’s world.

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