Marble Trap — Another BlackBerry Storm enhanced BlackBerry Game

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My boy Kevin is always spending too much time with games on his BlackBerry. It seems he’s uncovered video of a new BlackBerry game called Marble Trap. Much like Nintaii, Marble Trap takes advantage of the BlackBerry Storm’s accelerometer for a smoother gameplay experience. To download a free trial of Marble Trap for BlackBerry, hit the links below.

Marble Trap for BlackBerry Free Trial (BlackBerry Storm)
Marble Trap for BlackBerry Free Trial (non-Storm BlackBerrys)

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  • michael
    doesnt flow that well, just downloaded the trial version, and from what i can tell, it is sticky, works well with the finger swipe though. (Blackberry storm 9530)
  • andrew duchesne
    it doesn't seem to flow as nice as the iphone tilt games, maybe someone with a storm can let us know how it really feels, it just looks a little sticky.......patiently waiting for a GSM 3g storm

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