RIM’s stock jumps on Q4 promises

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A quick look at RIM’s stock on Yahoo! Finance shows that the Waterloo company has jumped a quick $3 from close yesterday, roughly 8% of their total share price, to $41.50. Analysts are attributing the minor (but welcome) bump not so much to yesterday’s fiscal Q3 2009 earnings report, but RIM’s guidance for Q4.

While analysts had expected revenue of $2.97 billion and earnings per share of 83 cents on average, RIM is expecting Q4 sales of $3.3 billion to $3.5 billion and earnings of 83 to 91 cents per share. These figures are being attributed to a “record number” of Q4 device shipments, likely due to multiple launch delays.

If RIM has the quarter in Q4 they wanted to have in Q3, expect the market to respond in a big way. For now, it’s cautious optimism to promises of future gains.

|via Reuters|

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