RIM sues Motorola for ‘unfair competition’ practices


RIM logoThis isn’t really the news anyone wants to hear during the Christmas season, but it appears as though Motorola needs a holiday lesson about the value of sharing. RIM filed suit with Motorola on Christmas Eve, alleging that the mobile phone company has improperly blocked their attempts to hire current and laid-off Motorola employees. The suit, filed in state court in Chicago on Tuesday, comes three months after Motorola alleged that RIM violated an agreement reached in February that the two companies would not solicit each other’s employees. RIM has asked for a court order to invalidate the agreement, saying in its complaint that the pact had expired in August and was no longer enforceable.

“RIM entities continue to grow and hire new employees within the United States and globally against a backdrop of recent public announcements by Motorola that it has and will continue to make massive layoffs,” said RIM’s lawsuit.

RIM is also seeking unspecified damages for what it called “unfair competition” practices by Motorola. Motorola spokeswoman Jennifer Weyrauch-Erickson declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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