Zumobi now offers Xbox Live updates

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Zumobi has a nice holiday present for BlackBerry users that are also XBox 360 gamers. The new Xbox 360 application gives Zumobi users access to the latest 360 news, Xbox Live Marketplace updates, video and audio clips and even your friends’ gamer tag status. You can add the Xbox 360 tile to your Zoomspace by clicking the link below.

Note: application only supports 81xx, 83xx and 88xx BlackBerrys at this time.

If you’re not a Zumobi user but still want to get in on the Xbox 360 action, Xberry is an application currently in beta which offers many of the same features as the Zumobi application. You can download the beta by pointing your BlackBerry browser to the link below. Happy gaming!


  • Headlines
    Did you guys hear? Microsoft banned 1 million xbox live players for allegedly altering their consoles in order to play pirated games. Read it at cnet http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10395265-52.html
  • ProGamingWorld
    Hey! Can I ask what's this template you are using in your blog? thanks.
  • Jon
    Xberry is so much better. Tried Zumobi on my 8330 and it was slow to use. Interesting but I uninstalled it already.
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